Inside The White Gulag Archipelago

In this thread we’re going to publicly record the ongoing war against ‘evil’ White devils and racists everywhere throughout the west. :sunglasses: [Also known as operation ‘Kill Whiteness’ or ‘Get Whitey’, it’s the fun hip socially trendy thing to do nowadays.]


Our first report is Principle Counsel Michael Beller of PBS, he has stated that he worries about the children of Trump supporters who might be the next generation of extremist intolerant racists, bigots, and sexists. He has gone on the public record in saying all Trump supporters should have their children taken away by Child Protective Services for child endangerment and abuse. :sunglasses: … ion-camps/

I think the kill and cancel whitey routine is just a part of the broader scheme to totally annihilate everything related to the last age (language, culture, ideas, memories,…) so that the new age can start from scratch with only the overlords knowing of what was and is so they can play gods to the new peasants who think everything is new and unknown. Every large nation has huge information vaults for the privileged.

A Great Flood and Noah’s Arc to awash a world, wipe clean, and restart anew - for the few.

But hope the circumstantial neccesity of dealing with de-colonization and aftermath, where larger and larger elite is able to run extermination channels of communication, as the way upper classman at the ivy league talk down of public colleges.( The capitalization of education — shhhhh!)

Thr decolonialism has a pdice, and elitism lost it’s blue blood, so it is for sale for the right

So i guess what i am trying to say, that accountability became a big factor, in determining the ever techno developmental narrowing of options.

There is only one way to get through that channel, and that leaves almost nothing to the imaginitively strictly narrow vision of You know What, OR Who.

: the unmoved mover.

It’s not only “Kill Whitey”.

It’s kill (Republican-Conservative-Right-Trump-Supporter) Whitey. It is NOT kill (Democrat-Liberal-Left-Biden-Supporter) Whitey.

Keep that in mind. It is a one-direction double-standard. Whiteness is especially bad unless it’s Communist.

That’s the propaganda and domestic terrorism we saw in 2020 encouraged and caused by the Democr-ommunists.