Or, maybe–
Nature never forgives.
God never forgets.

Always show people your worst in life, honestly, before showing them your best.

If they can forgive you at your worst, and love your weaknesses, then they will adore you more than anything when you show them your true colors.

Make them hate you before you make them love you.

Memories are merely echoes of actual events.

The more powerful an event, inflicting trauma, the powerful ripples and frequency is created by the event upon the psyche of individuals. What is memorable for one person, may be unremarkable and unremembered by another individual. Because the perspective of one psyche sees a different world/reality compared to the other.

This is because of evaluation. Different people have different values. And different values correspond differently to certain memories.

And not all memories are shared, or share-able, due to the different levels of intelligence required to interpret general events.

In other words, some people see the world unlike other people, and see minute details which others are blind to. This ability to see into very fine intricacies that others cannot, is a reflection of extreme intelligence, insight, and imagination. Intelligence is a form of human specialization.

Specialization is artificiality.

Innocence is the most powerful weakness.

A hungry fox slips into the henhouse and devours young chicks and unhatched eggs. Therefore foxes and hungry predators are evil, while domesticated, fatty, plump chickens are good.

Predation is evil. Prey is good.
Adults are evil. Children are good.
Wisdom is evil. Ignorance is good.

A problem can be like an abstract painting. The further one moves away from it, observing it at a distance, the clearer the solution may become.


There is really no right or wrong here unless you have all the information. But different people DO…
And staring can get us in trouble or it can lead to something wonderful. Need to discriminate

How do you know this? How could you even say this? Wouldn’t that necessarily depend on what that “intention” is and the different emotion which is revealed while looking into the child’s eyes?
A father and a mother may look into that child’s eyes for the same reason and with the same intensity - but at different times.
Unless you have tunnel vision and see only an authoritative father and only a gentle mother’s love.

lol Now there is the authoritative father. Of course I do know you’re kidding - I could only hope you are.

What if it is not an issue, Jimmy, but simply a response to love?
If there is no desire, there can be no perceived hope or threat.
So how would a pure act of love be an issue of PH and T?
I don’t think that ALL works in your theory. That’s all I’m saying.

Biology is rooted in perspective, it should be common knowledge that a father and mother stare into their child’s eyes for vastly different reasons. But you falsely believe in equality, and that men and women are equal, and therefore the “perspective” of a father and mother is equal.

But it’s not. A father sees a different child than a mother, has different ideas about children.

For example, and this is the obvious truism, a mother labors birth to push the infant out of her womb. THE FATHER DOES NOT, DUH!!! So immediately, we see a vast difference of perspective between father and mother, whom the father did not push out of his vagina. Because men don’t have vaginas, unless of course, we’re talking about many philosopher wannabes and mangina castrates who pretend like they’re doing something, or contributing something intellectual on this forum. When they’re not, most of these “men” are merely copying philosophy, and not being creative, not taking risks, not “producing” anything.

So, basically, I’m right.

Would you like to hear more? Would you like to know more about how a man, a penis, is not a woman, a vagina? Do I need to draw you a diagram? Probably, given the level of intelligence we must expect around here.

Penis penetrates the hymen, goes into the vagina, then in and out, in and out, producing friction, which gives both the man and woman a sense of pleasure, then this sexual stimulation causes the male to ejaculate his sperm into the vagina, where conception occurs. 9 months later, if the fetus develops appropriate, the woman will give birth to the infant. She forms a stronger pathological connection to the infant, because she undergoes “labor” (original term for “work”) and endures extreme physical pain, because pushing a 10 lb. ball of flesh and blood out your vagina, maybe, JUST MAYBE, a little bit painful.


Next time I’m not going to show you a diagram, arcturus, I’ll show you how it works and what I mean. Some learn quicker through direct experience.

You cannot copy an act of writing.
You can only copy words once written and twice read.

To occupy somebody’s mind is the most perverse form of invasion. Because you have violated their perspective, their sense of self. To empathize with somebody truly, is also to destroy a person’s mind thoroughly. Anybody who is truly interested in other people, anybody who truly wants to empathize with others, understand them, where they come from, what they believe in, what they value, must understand that there are certain drawbacks, penalties, and risks for doing so. And they won’t forgive you for this violation if they catch you. I’ve never thought of empathy in the negative before, but now I see from an entirely new perspective.

Could it be enlightenment?

Maybe it’s best that conservatives and liberals do not empathize and reason with each other, but instead, fight it out with fists and violence.

At first, I wasn’t going to respond to this but then again, I do believe that dialogue is important, especially when it comes to such as yourself.
We all have different perspectives on things but why would my post, my perspective, draw out your anger in such a way that you would act like far less than a “real” man – are the above the words of a “real” man
You need to find yourself some better role models and re-think what true manliness is. And you need to re-read what you wrote above. You might discover what I gleaned reading between the lines of what you wrote and what those words suggest and of the road that you may someday go down.
Aside from that, as you are, you wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell with me. I would rather eat nails and swim with a pool of sharks. Does speaking this way actually work for you, insightfoul?

The below is from your “Asshole-ism” tread.

Insofar as I myself am concerned, I don’t hate you - nor do I love you. And as for liking you, who could ever know if I could what with that wall you put up. That is not an invite. Your so-called confidence, at least imo, would appear to be false bravado.
Who ever told you that “being a real man” means being an asshole? I could be totally wrong here but it appears that some woman has greatly wronged you when you were trying to be what you consider to be a real man. It isn’t the end of the world or the road and not all women are molded within the same mold.

Let me ask you something. How does having this attitude contribute to a happy and fulfilled relationship with someone and a happy sex life? I don’t want you to answer that question for me. I don’t want to know. But answer it for yourself. Does this attitude get you the kind of women who are worth their weight in gold, women who you might consider spending the rest of your life with – or does it simply get you, if at all, women who are not in it for the long haul, women who have a warped attitude of what a “real” man truly is, perhaps a woman who enjoys the danger and the chaos of being with an asshole or women who care little if they are abused, unfortunately some actually like the feel of it because they themselves were abused, and quite frankly, it would take a “real” man to care for them, or does it simply get you women who are more like yourself – in the long wrong, that might not necessarily work out well.

If I were you, I would attempt to re-define my definition of what a “real” man is - there was once a thread in ilp about alpha males lol and I would greatly “refine” my approach and my line. A real man is capable of walking that middle line between moon consciousness and stark bright sun consciousness.

I suspect that you’re probably around 20-2l so you have time to grow up.

Who gives a shit?

I don’t care what other people think, save for a few exceptional people.

Apparently you do but tragically you’re too afraid to show it.

Some people can’t stand somebody who doesn’t give a shit about others.

It’s jealousy.

So, you’re saying that the above is You - that you don’t care about others - not at all?

Nah, it isn’t jealousy. Actually, on some level, I find it kind of interesting - a deeper curiousity. I’d like to know what it was which formed you in such a way.
You know, one might say, insight[foul] :evilfun: that if you cannot care about another human being, you cannot really care about your own self…unless it’s in some pathological narcissistic way. Are you a Dorian Gray type?

There is a difference between the stoic’s apatheia and what you appear to profess, which is just plain apathy, a total lack of caring, empathy and compassion. Are you really this way?

You don’t care about others.

Here, we are dealing with two-dimensional words on the screen, locked in place. How accurately can one re-materialize a persona in his head from words alone?

A one-dimensional mind doesn’t understand two-dimensional words.

Egotism and selfishness are insults according to Arcturus Descending. But this is a simple lie and hypocrisy.

It takes all kinds…

Sadists and masochists need love too… or something like it.

Most relationships are more or less give and take, but some are parasitical.

Usually it’s the man feeding off the woman, but these days, sometimes it’s the woman feeding of the man. One-sided relationships can still work, so long as they’re not ridiculously, ludicrously one-sided, many of us are products of them. I mean let’s get realistic here, there’s nothing radical about what he’s proposing, it’s quite commonplace, so long as he doesn’t take it to an absurd extreme. Some women need to be dominated & controlled, even some men, that’s how the real world works.