Instinct THEN Intelligence

There is no eternal personality/intelligent creator.

To be eternal means to be ‘always present’
(never a moment when it isn’t existing).

Intelligence and personality are NOT always present. *

*they are developed characteristics reliant on experience and memory to exist mandating that they are not ‘always present’ or eternal.

I do not see how your OP title fits assumptions about a creator. Please explain. I liked the title, but was turned off by the radical shift in reasoning. On instinct, check out Wm. James.

Some teachings state an all-knowing intelligent creator formed visible
reality before anything existed…which is impossible.

Experience develops intelligence…
not the other way around.

Empiricism at its finest.

The job is yours, LTT.

Your point has some validity from an epistemological perspective and with regard to human beings and other organisms that have a definite beginning (and, I digress, therefore a definite end :sunglasses: ).

But the eternal nature of God presents a problem that is difficult to wrap one’s mortal mind around.

To avoid creating God in our image, we must accept that God, by nature, is different.

But that brings up a couple of questions.

Does God have instinct?

Does God learn from the process of creating and the things God creates as we so learn?

Or does God just know everything there is possible to know, by nature of being the only infinite and eternal being, by virtue of being God?

Hi JennyHeart,

My theory is the continuous creation of ‘God’ and/or ‘gods’ mythology by the human race is the result of a transference of our strongest subconscious imprint I call the ‘helpless infant imprint’.

Every human ever born (that survived) spends at least the first two years of their life dependent on superior beings (parents/adult guardians) to feed and bathe them (and if they’re fortunate - nuture them)…take care of them in EVERY way.

This experience creates the first subconscious impression before even words and language are learned/developed.

This impression would be one of ‘helplessness’,
surety in the existence of superior beings, and
co-dependence (these ‘superior’ beings will take care of me, look out for me, and supply me with what I need).

I believe this imprint is not only responsible for the human creation of God(s) in almost all tribes and societies
is also a key element in our primal feelings of codependence and insecurity in life.

Add to that theory the fact that intelligence/knowledge is always about the ability to make choices based on memory and logic reinforces the truth about instinct as the eternal aspect of our essence.

If there is an intelligent aspect of the all it is us and other beings who have evolved out of the collective essence.

Whatever label you wish to pull out of the closet of dusty dead men is okay…it’s still truth I deduced via the use of logic.

Experience antedates explanation. Granted. But what of those who claim that they experience God? Are they all out to lunch?

Maybe they are ‘sensing’ their connection to the unified field?
The micro sensing the macro…if reality is ultimately one vibrating field it would make sense that a part could feel their connection to the whole.

Also I’m not saying there are not more evolved beings in reality than us (who could appear to us as ‘gods’), I’m saying in the initial part of an expansive cycle there is no intelligence

Also, existence of super beings does not mean intelligent design.

And, even if our planet and species were altered by intelligent design
it does not mean at the initial part of an expansive cycle
( )
that intelligence exists before experience/creation.

Instinct then intelligence.

Instinct becomes intelligence. There are no divisions in the process that would warrant any notion of superior intelligence. What humans may be aware of may be irrelevant in the awarenesses of other organisms. This does not make our type of awareness superior; it simply makes it customized.

My point exactly.

Have to disagree here…
To me ‘intelligence’ is the ability to make better survival choices.
We have ‘outsmarted’ every creature on the planet except certain viruses and diseases. We are superior here.