there are ways to control intimidation, physically. but is there a spiritually(s) way to control intimidation? also, what is the origin of intimidation and do you think there will be an everlasting conclusion to intimidation?

You know, for some reason I feel this has the makings of an interesting thread but I’m not sure exactly how to get my thoughts around it. Intimidation seems an interesting subject.

jebd, can you expand a bit on what you’re driving at? Maybe we can flesh something out here.

well… physically we can control intimidation i.e if someone has been bullying someone for awhile, they can decide that they have had enough and put an end to it with violence(but some don’t consider/use violence as a solution). so how can we control it, non physically, if it is capable?

for the other half. what started intimidation, how did we develop it into our system to use it? and does anyone think that intimidation will meet it’s match and come to an everlasting conclusion?

Intimidation is a tool for control. You’d have to find a control tool yourself, such as intimidating them back, to control their control of you. I, personally, don’t like power games, so I have other ways of dealing with controllers than trying to control them back.


Intimidation comes in many forms.

Physical violence or perhaps war.
Negative Sanctions: The discontinuance of a priviledge. This could be in the form of economic trade, refusing sex to a mate, a parent withholding car priviledges from a child.
Threatening a person.
Stalking a person.

You could even argue that teachers intimidate students with a poor mark if they do not follow assignment guidelines.

There are some posters who resort to indimidation by using ad hom attacks or claiming that most posters agree with he or she and not you; jumping on the band wagon is a fallacy.

Hum, aren’t all of us guilty of intimidation in one form or another.

I would imagine intimidation as having evolutionary roots. You can see it in the animal kingdom with certain animals making themselves look bigger when confronted, maybe even as a way to avoid confrontation. Those who often intimidate do so so that they won’t have to take the next step, the violent one that their intimidation implies. Taking that step might be the last thing they really want to do.

Submission/stooping to conquer are the traditional spiritual means to deal with intimidation. Martyrdom is the extreme example.

Simply not acknowledging the other’s force as superior is another way, the “Invictus” argument. You know the poem:

“…My head is bloodied but unbowed…”

I’m gonna skip over the origin question, that’s way to involved, too many ways to answer it.

The everlasting conclusion to intimidation is the same as any other form of violence.
Take that as you will.

I think that the best way to control psychological intimidation is to mentally revalue the person/thing that is intimidating you.

One trick for public speaking is to picture the audience in their underwear. That transforms them from a frightening group of “serious” people into a group of silly people, thus you have less anxiety. Personally, I try to think of everyone as equal and that helps me. The queen of England is no better than me. I’m a person and so is she.

People can also be intimidated by things like heights or even bees in the summertime. In that case it good to remember the old saying that a coward dies a thousand deaths, but a brave man only one, because that will make you think about your fear and what it’s doing to you. It’s better to get stung by a bee than run around scream like a nut to avoid it.

Hope that helped!

thank you

You’re welcome.