Into the shadows...

I am writing this to inform my friends that I will be ending my participation at any and all philosophy forums for a long time to come if not indefinitely.

There is a perpetrator(s) (who I will not name) who has been haunting me, and what started as a harmless game years ago, which I have permitted, has now affected my personal life, and it is at this point that my internet activities must be suspended if not abandoned entirely. As you are all wondering what has happened I am obligated to explain, but I will not give any details, only the minimum information you need to know for my reasons of taking this leave. I owe you this much.

Someone has hacked into my e-mail and sent Katy a hate mail, posing as myself, followed by a series of prank-calls. It is not important how I know this (I will not reveal to the perpetrator(s) my resources, or my methods of tracking them, so I cannot tell you anymore than this), but what is certain is that my relationship with Katy is over, and beyond repair, because of it.

I will now use my resources to take revenge upon this perpetrator(s), personally. This will take some time as I have a long distance to travel and many preparations to make for this task. When this problem is dealt with I might return to these forums, granted that I, myself, still have my freedom. This is to say that the course of my revenge will involve illegal activity and my success will remain uncertain until such time as it is completed. Although I should return unscathed we all know the element of unpredictabilty, so I cannot make any promises. The point is that this must be done at any and all costs.

So I say to my friends thank you for your company, and I wish you all well.

To my rival I say…be affraid. Be very affraid. There is no running, there is no hiding, and the police are useless. You can only wait.

Thanks again, ILP, I wish you the best.

Detrop, thanks for the post… my only hope is that you keep in mind that what ever you plan to do, don’t do anything that will get you jailed. Take care bro. Hope to see you back soon.

Good god man. Detrop it is pathetic at what some people find entertaining, or that some people derive pleasure from hurting others.

I highley suggest that you just let this roll off of your back, like water offa ducks ass. I can’t believe that you are contemplating revenge… I never thought I would hear of an intellectual of your level who sees revenge as a sole option, or who believes he will gain anything in revenge.

That being said… I would hate to be whoever it is thats been messing with you :astonished:

The fool who wronged you has unleashed the devil in you. That devil will not rest until it is sated. I think this devil inside of you has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Be clever, be humble, and be patient and you will succeed in your goal and retain your liberty. You already know the hell of imprisonment. Pick the moment to strike with care then strike with all of your heart. Remember who you are and be careful.

Return to us when you can. Your absence diminishes us all.

Why would anyone do that? It is about time (since this is not new, apparently) they see there are consequences for their actions. I hope seeing those consequences (assuming they fit the crime), does not have negative consequences for you. Take care.

Hey! I’ve seen that line on a Hallmark funeral card… ummmmmmm… I’m just hoping all the philosophy I’ve read and admired so much from xanderman in the past, hasn’t come from the same source? :astonished:

Drawing ever nearer toward the unsuspecting object of his displeasure, the black-sheathed form that is Détrop’s vengence scuttles from shadow to shadow with barely a whisper of displaced air to betray his passing… Two damned souls entwined in a destructive maelstrom that can only end in bloody resolution…etc…

Is something like that spooling through your brain Détrop…?

Turn the lights up in the cinema for a second and think - are you choosing or just reacting…? For the last week or so you’ve been running around like a headless chicken, everyone has pressed your buttons, and you’ve reacted, well, like a nutter. You’ve blown up at Ben, et al with a lack of restraint that’s just plain scary. And now this…

Okay - this Kate business has got your head twisted - but you didn’t help yourself much posting it in the first place - basically you took something that should have been private, at least until it was concrete, and made it the property of ilp - and by doing this blew it out of all proportion. You weren’t just trying to get the girl anymore - you were trying to get the girl for ‘all of us’ too… Adding immensely to the stakes and the stress - win or lose.

And now, from 'Détrop is in love’s first post date: a 1 week relationship, has gone boom - through enemy action if you like. 1 week.

Call me just another British cunt if you like - but that week has already caused you to be banned here (and whatever you say - you’ve posted over a 1000 times here - so it must mean something to you), and probably the hand of your fair-maid.

You’re a mess mate.

And now what - you’re gonna track this bastard down and break his knee-caps…?

You sound like a kamikazi on a suicide jag. At all costs - bullshit.

You’ve got form - great - they’ll put you away for longer and harder.

Cross your mind that this nemesis of yours would just love you to try this…? Shit - touch him/her and you’re fucked - he/she knows this - and if you don’t - you’re a fool.

Stay where you are, drop the romantic posing and try to patch things up with Katy… it’s been what, a day or two…? ‘over - beyond repair’ did you even try seriously to explain before you took down the sword from above your fireplace…? A hate mail and crank-calls…? EXPLAIN. And if she doesn’t buy it - well tough. You’ll live.

What is it with people…? I remember in Creation Imperfects ‘why are poeple such arseholes’ or whatever - he said some guys were on his case and imeadiately got great advice on how best to brain someone with a length of steel-pipe.

Xander - Did you paraphrase that bullshit form a comic…? Stop contributing to whatever crazed revenge movie Détrop’s got playing in his head. Strike with care…? Strike with all of your heart…? Why not just say - “aim carefully, and kill the bastard…?” and be done with it…? You’re like a weedy kid in the playground egging on his more psychopathic mate for vicarious thrills. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

And Détrop - Don’t give into your revenge fantasies, however enticing they seem - That’s what your enemy wants you to do - are you his fucking robot…? Press button A and watch Détrop go ballistic…? - just get on with your fucking life, while you still have a fucking life to get on with.

I agree w/Tab… making light of someone contemplating a violent revenge is foolhardy.

“In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior.”

-Sir Francis Bacon-

So is that the Hallmark card you send to the person who died?

Don’t forget the Hallmark channel too. It is not just on the cards anymore. :wink:

On the subject of revenge versus taking it up the a**…

On the one hand, sure, faking indifference makes it seem as if you are superior and untouchable

On the other hand, it /is/ just faking…

And if you had three hands… on the third hand, letting someone get away with something communicates disprespect (“you’re a hopeless idiot!”), whereas allowing them to see there are consequences communicates respect (“you and I both know you could do better, and I’m here to keep yuo accountable, like your buddy in AA or something”) (please over-look my dorkiness).

And there is some cute little quote about the best revenge being to be /nice/ to your opponent (respect them), rather than just letting their poison run off you like water off a duck’s back or take /actual/ revenge.

I think that letting them see the consequences is actually one form of respect, and is actually nice – by that logic.

You may disagree.

And De’trop may not be doing revenge with that in mind. However, telling someone to bury righteous indignation is about as productive as telling them to completely ignore their sex-drive. I assert there are positive outlets for ‘just’ revenge, as there are positive outlets for the sex-drive.

Although I’ve been envisioning Tab’s supple cheeks wrapped up in some glorious torture device (did I read that wrong again, Tab… :laughing: ), his last post made me return to his head (then I slid down the shaft ang back to the…oops…wrong one… :blush: ). Seriously, I’ve refrained from responding b/c I figured my words would be the LAST ones detrop would want to see, but how could anyone disagree with Tab’s points?

Although I’m not one to always let bygones be bygones, even though I know failure to forgive has actually been shown to literally weaken the heart (muscles), I have enough restraint not to do something that might harm me more than the other person. Tab and Bessy are 100% right. How many of you KNOW detrop well enough to say for a fact that your encouragement will not send him over the deep end? And what about that boy Tab referred to, who was bullied at school? Did anyone ever hear from him afterward? What about when TUM mentioned suicide? The few people who taunted or ridiculed him had no idea of knowing that their words WOULDN’T force his hand and follow through on his deed (ironically, detrop offered the most heartfelt hand/message). Have people so soon forgotten that incident about 2 years ago where net-mates encouraged a boy to kill himself with meds/booze and he DID? I read into that and was saddened at the jackals who egged him on.

We really don’t know the people on the other end of the screen…I don’t mean to make this all about detrop–it applies to anyone and everyone. I don’t think I can articulate it as well as Tab, so just re-read his freaking post. He wrote exactly what I wanted to about doing something more productive, such as trying to mend things with Katy. And did you read detrop’s post? He’s not talking about confronting someone and holding them accountable for their deeds. He’s talking about much worse. And he’s also formulating in his mind some possible conspiracy (by mentioning the possibility of more than one perpetrator). When things start to spin out of control, fantasy can very easily over-ride logic/reality. Anyone supporting detrop in his rage is possibly encouraging him to do some serious damage to himself, the perpretrator, and possibly innocent bystanders. Before you sit around like jackals encouraging him to go in for the kill, please consider the potential REAL ramifications of what you are doing.

Of course, this could all be some weird, twisted “joke” on detrop’s and/or others’ behalf. But till we know for certain, I think it’s sick to encourage him to spin farther out of control in his blind rage. I’m writing this out of compassion and reason, not in any patronizing or judgmental manner toward detrop, TUM, or anyone else who has cried out for help (which is what detrop’s message is, in fact–assuming it’s not a “prank”).




Its not, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’m impressed, Psyque. I think your post was excellent. A true voice of reason in the howling mob. I think I if I wasn’t myself and instead someone else reading my posts, I’d say something to that degree. Very good.

Here are the facts. I have indeed experienced strange things in the last couple years with all the computers I have been using, a total of five (excepting two public computers…a library and a coffee shop). Specifically spy-ware of different types, doing various things to each computer. The general disruptions, random functions, programs starting and stopping, what have you. One time last year I got an e-mail that had an attachment. I scanned it for viruses, it was clean, so I opened it. It was a series of pornographic pictures that I had previously viewed within the last few days, which, oddly enough, was the time when the spyware was recognized by the norton virus program. The hard-drive makes a weird sound sometimes too, as if it were being accessed or something, a sound it doesn’t usually make. The most recent event is another strange corespondence, which is the reason for my creating this thread. I was routinely checking my e-mail and I noticed that a couple messages which I hadn’t yet read were shaded, which is how already opened e-mails appear. Another thing that keeps happening, which I might be mistaking, is a warning of either entering or leaving an encrypted page. I don’t know what that means, but it used to not happen. I think I can safely deduce that someone is getting inside the computers I use. I don’t know who that might be, but I have some far-fetched ideas regarding internet characters I have interacted with over the last few years, who might not like me, and have a motive and the means. This suspicion increased when a member called “Hero” joined and made only one post: “detrop, die of kidney failure” a long time ago. His avatar was a shwastika, his signature: “He is weak. I am power.” Then he/she vanished without another word. Of couse I egged em’ on, as I am untouchable, but they didn’t take. So I begin putting mysterious puzzles together in my mind. I begin to see codes, subterfuge, on the brink of some delighful paranoia that makes these boring trips to the philosohy forums [yawn] worth something. Am I mad? But I like it…I don’t mind it, as long as it doesn’t affect personal affairs.

So now I gotta image in my head, I gotta possible suspects, I got possible motives, and I got possible conviction, if, of course, my e-mail was hacked. The coincidence?

It is so strange that suddenly Katy is not responding to my phone calls, at the same time I am recieving prank-calls (she’s a little too mature to make prank-calls, I think). I haven’t been sending e-mails for reasons stated above, and I believe this might have something to do with the e-mails that were shaded. So explain that. Our last conversation was great and we both looked forward to hanging out Monday. Then, abra-cadabra…silence. So what? Is she dead? Did her friend die? Did she just suddenly decide that she didn’t like me? All three are possible, but not likely. Now I draw the parallel. If, granted that the perpetrator who is working an active spyware program in my computer is someone I know, there might be foul play and an attempt to sabotage my personal business. A motive? Make one up, it doesn’t matter. But its something that pisses me off, so I play back.

Ha! Scared ya’ didn’t I? (not you guys, the aforementioned perpetrator) What would I lose if I were wrong? Nothing. I’d look like an ass for a few days while the terror was setting in for the perpetrator, then I’d return and explain everything…like I am now. What would I gain if I were right?

(And I know someone has either read, copied, or downloaded information from my computer.)
…The best legal revenge one could get from the comfort of there desk. If that is a disinterested person just stirring up mischieve who has nothing to do with Katy’s sudden silence, then cool. But if not? Hey, is that not the best internet revenge you have ever seen?

What else was I to do?

I scared the shit outta somebody. I even changed my e-mail password twice. The first change was to “you’re dead,” then I changed it to “he’s on his way.” Come on, you gotta give me props. That was brilliant.

The final alternative is that she had a criminal background check done on me and saw the endless string of misdemeanors (my felonies were removed because I was a minor at the time). That’ll do it every time, folks. Unless she’s as bad as me, well, I get no Bonnies in love with danger.

Yep, that’s probably what it is. Katy is a very mature and cautious person, I think. And I’m a very, oh, how shall I say it…eclectic fella, might work. If she was serious about me it likely she would have that check done. Jeez, look at the irony. This means she liked me that much. Kewl.

Oh well, any which way the wind blows, I guess. Another day, another post.

(…but the post was brilliant. Hands down, as Dunamis would say.)

Psyque, you get a few points for that post. Remember that you are still under an evaluation, so don’t think that the shows over yet.

wow Detrop…seriously…uhmm… no offense… but… well… you do sound a bit paraniod :astonished:

Aslo I’d like to point out that I was one of the voices of reason :sunglasses:


Hardly. Hacking is so popular nowadays you might as well call it a sport. You put two and two together. If you come to a philosphy forum where the heaviest whackos hang-out, piss one off, who has spy-ware software and what not, a conspiracy theory no longer looks so unreasonable. Of course it ain’t no Water Gate, but that isn’t to say that the entertainment of such possibilities would be paranoia.

And what if you become strangely suspicious of a friend you met on the internet, for reasons that need not be disclosed, assumed he/she might be a hacker with a vendetta, would it then be a great assumption that this kind of foul-play was happening? No, in fact, I would think it would be fairly common.

And then what if you began an elaborate subliminal game to “get inside” this friend and fix him/her because you thought that they might be dangerous? What if you had to pose as a bad guy and stir up all kinds of confusion to qualify as a “helping hand,” to be trusted by that friend, to play the role of the type you are trying to absolve. I’m tellin’ ya’ I’ve talked to some strange cats at these forums.

Anyway, to tell you the details would be like a writing a book, so don’t worry about that. Just know that I am rational and certainly not delusional and/or paranoid.

I didn’t mention something else that happened, adding to my suspicions. A year ago, I think it was, another web-site that I am a member of was hacked and destroyed. Instead of getting the forum front page, a Muslim extremist message appeared instead, saying something along the lines of “America sucks and we’re pissed.”

Make of that what you wish. Me, I like the drama. I like to think that I’m saving the world…or at least one person. Endless philosophical discussion and no action or effect gets somewhat monotonous. It would be extra credit to know that I was helping someone personally. Changing the world is going to take a bigger manifesto, that’s a more long term goal.

But yes, Rounder, you were also a voice of reason. Rasa too. And I’m the Head Dick, not the dick head, Rasa. Rememba’ dat.

Still a drop in the bucket compared to Psyque’s efforts.

Well - another ilp first for me - a mysteriously deleted post… :astonished:


Right under Rounder’s plea for acknowledgement I posted:

[size=150]Dickhead [/size]

Admittedly in slightly smaller type.

Which, I felt, summed up how I felt viz-a-viz Détrop’s behaviour of the last week most succinctly. :unamused:

Lost a bit of what impact it could have had I feel… :frowning:

Sorry mate, but whatever respect I had for you has just dropped under the little red-line that separates decent human being from, well - see above.

Cry wolf on other people’s time in future.

If you like the drama… well enjoy. Most of the events you’ve described, such as encrypted web pages, hacked forums that you’ve regularly go to, your anti virus program claiming that you’ve been hacked… have all happened to me. Except for the women not calling back… :sunglasses: I just think your reading to much into it.

As for my efforts being a drop in a bucket… well yeah :stuck_out_tongue: Meh I threw my two cents in, I basically think people are going to do whatever the hell they want to do, and if your views don’t match up with their own they are just going to justify their own beliefs, and negate what you’ve said no matter how sane the advice was. Since you are not the psycho that you were claiming to be in your first post, you can see the reason in psyque’s post, but if you were the pyscho… well I doubt a couple of pages, or a couple or books of reason would do much to help.

and thanks for the acknowledgment I so needed :sunglasses: (takes a bow)

balanced with this:

I stand by that. One could speculate that the reason many Catholic priests are getting zapped for molestation is because they are not allowed a positive outlet for the sex drive (or that they only became priests in order to molest… I would like to assume otherwise… but who knows)… A similar scenario could result from neglecting righteous indignation. Psyque made good points that don’t, in my view, clash with the first quote above. I don’t think he was saying “Let everybody get away with everything, every time.”

De’trop, so that post was just to scare somebody you thought /might/ have done something for which you had no actual evidence… ok. Now I’m thinking I know who you are referring to, and the long distance you would have had to travel… and to think, I was telling you to go for it… I don’t think you would actually hurt him (in whatever form), because you don’t know how to do it without effecting his son (and/or you don’t take yourself seriously… for good reason…)… and his son throws a monkey wrench into your conspiracy theory. WHY would a dedicated father do that? He wouldn’t. Unless he was lying about his son? Why would he lie about that?

It is (they are?) your own worries (that may not be coming as a result of your own will…) that are effecting your personal life.

Perhaps Katy didn’t return your phone calls, due to the nature of the calls? Maybe they were too many? Maybe they were "why haven’t you returned my calls?"ish? Did you tell her about the above-described conspiracy theory? That might’ve done it (since she hardly knows you…).

Or, maybe some crisis came up. Who knows? Not I.

I hope my post does not offend you. I can delete it at your request.

Please avoid deleting your posts.

From the forum guidelines: … p?t=139918

With all due respect, I told ben in the other thread he should just ban me 'cause that rule is b.s. … If de’trop doesn’t request that I delete it, I’ll definitely avoid deleting it…