Introduce yourself here <-----

Hi I am Meno. I’d like to reaffirm Child in time’s and Susan’s affirmations of beauty and life.

I for one , a creature of all men and no one in particular, hope our Higher Powers carry Us through.


I was asked by Dan to maybe make a post here. Seems like a good guy.

I have been following this forum for some time now. I am naturally a little shy or introvert, though those are capitalistic labels and the way I really think of it is: a bit of a book worm. But the recent discussions on communism tempted me and here I am.

I think a lot of my comrades have let themselves be led away from the key points of our struggle by the capitalist enemy, who is always working. Communism is much more than a system of government. And I will try to argue for that in some of the threads dedicated to it.

Anyway, that’s about me.

My message, in short: human beings were made for a lot more than this!


Welcome robolutionary!

Oh snap polishyouth is here.

Hey don’t you come over here you goddamn communist!!

hello, i wont post much, certain ‘persons’ attempts, loosely tied to this space, at mindfking and manipulating me into thinking my lack of submission and my normal reactions would be equivalent to my own faux pax in of itself obviously can’t really go through but, simultaneously, at this point it is a completely muffled spectacle and the matter is solved by their own squeals begging to simply be left alone, to themselves and i can live with that, as long as i am not chased into a corner and blindfolded and muted like a bih. if you also want to ban and ignore me because of how confident you are in yourself, because I might tell you you or your ideas are stupid then just ban me right away, please but else…I really know how to behave well and I really, really respect ladies.

Hello, I am Great Again.

I want you to know that the USA has become a small colony.

Have a nice time.


Hello, I am encode but you can call me ED(no no, not ED as in Edward, ED as in E…D, OK?)

I am brain dead and I don’t trust anyone


OMG, is that PY that I see?

Long time, no see!!!

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Hello, I’ve joined a few days ago but I haven’t been able to post yet. I created Wäderby Orchard together with my partner with the idea of creating an intellectual society and connecting it to our material needs for survival, in the hopes that it will spread and create networks of exchange.

Hello, we are a bohemian couple interested in ecology, permaculture, philosophy, history, certain spiritual contemplation and practices but mainly in a pragmatic sense. We’re interested in talking to other people with similar interests and enriching others and the world around us.

Depends how you define okay. The things you briefly referred to make the status quo already not okay.

It’s gonna be a long Christmas, this year.

I’m back, the elf, the horned, horny Satyr?
Who knows?

…a clue, perhaps. :-s

Why are birds scared of rainbow lorikeets?
Rainbow lorikeets are highly territorial about their breeding areas, and will aggressively attack other birds to drive them away, and not just smaller birds like noisy miners, but large birds like magpies. … And as if that wasn’t bad enough, rainbow lorikeets are noise polluters.



I’m not that…I’m more.

hello guys :stuck_out_tongue:
I am from USA and I love reading books!
hope to chat some philosophy soon! bye! :smiley:

You should rename all your sock puppets to Puppet, followed by their number in the order of their creation, beginning with Original Sock Puppet.

I bet you are ; )

hello Carleas