Steve Irwin dies but Richard Hammond lives.

What a load of bollocks.

That’s cruel. :laughing: He has two young girls so better someone pulled through than none.

Strangely enough, just after Irwin died, Australia’s most famous rally car driver (Peter Brock) died in a race. He also was on TV a lot and did a lot of charity work so it was a double tragedy within days of each other.

Brockie was a vegan who meditated and dabbled in metaphysics and philosophy, so he wasn’t your average rev head.


what does that title have to do with the post?

I think ChimneySweep means what did happened was the inverse of what “should have” happened (according to many people’s value system.)

Both were well known TV presenters (at least in the UK & Aust) and both had accidents during filming their work. The one who was making monumental changes to the way the world viewed the environment and native fauna, died; the other, a mere car enthusiast, survived and looks like making a full recovery.

The inevitable result:
A future full of rev heads felling and raping virgin rainforests to make more and more highways, race tracks and car parks and an increasing army of gas-guzzling 4WD smashing through the wilderness to slaughter innocent baby animals with cute eyes. =P~


well,thats another mystery solved.