Invisible Children

There is a civil war going on in Uganda that has been going for almost 2 decades. Children all through the country are being abducted and forced to be part of the army that is killing and abducting more and more children all the time. Invisible Children is an organization dedicated to pressuring the U.S. government and the UN into sending over diplomats to help do peace talks. They also are trying to start jobs over in Uganda and build schools as part of a new educational program. Do your part to help them end the war in Uganda.

A very worthy organization, folks. I second this.

Children the world over and not just in third world countries but, in the superpowers and powers, are abducted and used for intensive labor or other hideous deeds that none should be forced into or even done. Children are cheap slave labor and easily controlled. We all need to support such organizations as this one.

Funnily enough my dissertation was on ‘Child Soldiers’ in West Africa, specifically, during the Civil War in Liberia and Sierra Leone! Far from being invisible a lot of the ‘children’ and ‘young adults’ were at the centre of conflict, suffering and chaos.

It is no suprise that Africa has one of the youngest populations in the world.

As far as statistics and things are concerned, I’ll try to post the ones I can find on it. Their site is remarkably uninformative.

On an unrelated note, I’ve started capitalizing in my posts. It’s the little things that make you appear more intelligent.