Why can’t i change my “invisible” status? I logged in that way once, for reasons I don’t recall, and now I can’t seem to change it, no matter how many times I log out and back in. I have erased data from my browser, but it doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions?

There should be an option in your user preferences, “hide my online status”. If that’s set to yes (which it is) you’ll be invisible to other users. Have you changed it and it doesn’t stay changed?

When I log back in, the box is unchecked.

Just had a thought - should I delete board cookies?

I like cookies.

I don’t want to delete them unless I have to.

Had a whole box last night.

It might be your cookies. I tried changing it back through the Admin Portal, let me know if that works. If it doesn’t, it might be worth it it to try the cookies.


Must have worked. Thanks, Carleas.

And people say you aren’t nice.

That’s what I hear.

How can I make it so I don’t get an email every time there is a reply in one of topics I post?

There’s a subscribe/unsubscribe thingie at the top of each forum index. Right under the “new Topic” button.

I have clicked it by accident, thinking I was the Board Index thingie. I bet yours says “unsuscribe” right now.

Actually, there’s one in the same place in every topic.

Wait - you can set that in Board preferences for the whole board.

Edit posting defaults on you control panel. I think that’s it. “Notify me upon replies by default”. You want “no” checked.

Thanks. Let’s see how that goes.