Ipod Help!

I need help!!!

I cannot transfer my itunes from my computer that crashed onto my new one. I saved the file of songs in a file and I can’t seem to figure out how to transfer them. I know most of you kids have one of these things and I am desperate. I can add songs on the itunes, but they won’t update. I went to the Apple store today and they told me to “authorize” this new computer, but when I go to do it - it asks me only to deauthorize it.

This is the only way to learn/remember lyrics for me and I am desperate to have my ipod songs back. Take pity on me please? :confused:
(I need specific steps… I is old) [/size] :wink:

My great great great granddaughter has one of them devices and they a hustle. First one the battrey died and they say you got to buy a new one. I took the damn thing apart by force and fixed with shit from radio shack. I learned to fix shit in WW2. Anyway, now the damed thing is skippin like an old record player and they told her that it fragmented, but the thing looks all together to me.

They full of shit.

Well spoken, Tedious Old Fart.

You are a gentleman and a scholar.

:laughing: :laughing: I think I figured it out… but I would rather have a record player.

You know me well.

Meanwhile, what kinda company makes a product with a battery that you cant get out to change? Why kinda shit is that!

I asked the grand kid if she was gonna buy a new one or what cause I thought she was attached to the thing, but she all girlish an such reports to me that she might not cause she just got it to be stylish. With the price and the repair bullshit thats what I call a fashion victim.

The girl is a bit shallow at times and I believe that will cause her to never get a man but thats another story now.

Anyway, if you bought an ipod then you ought bto go down to your local print shop and get yoself a rubber stamp made sayin sucker and apply the item to your forehead.

Dont give that money away.


*Men can’t seem to keep away from shallow women.

*Someone gave me the ipod. They won two of them. I repeat: I would rather have a record player.

Behold. I sense a ban approaching :wink:

No, you wouldn’t. But you shouldn’t use an iPod, at least not one right out of the box. The thing about the iPod is that it has a retarded file structure to make it faster. Essentially, that means that the only way to really see your songs organized in any way is to use iTunes.

With other brands, they have a normal file structure, so you could just use “My Computer” to browse. But Windows Explorer seems to have a hard time copying files, so it’d probably be much faster from a command prompt.

It’s amazing how young folks get all attached to and start defending objects and their choice of purchases. Hey I;m gonna get mad at cha for insulting kleenex over puffs! that crazy.

Bessy my female relative is 37 pretty and still looks like kid, but shell never get a man because shes shallow and picky. The ball aint in the mans court its in hers and she dont think antbody good enough to play.

Hey I just had a cupn of tea that wiped me out.


Dearest Tedious,

I understand you more than you know - I was Betty Boop meets Catwoman at ILP a year ago - so anyway, how old ARE you? I am guessing hmmmm, 17?


  1. Chuck the Ipod out of the window at a passing scally
  2. Learn to play a new instrument

C) Being more happy that you would otherwise have been