Iranian Football Fans Salute Hitler

In Iran’s latest football match against Germany, the Iranians broke out in Nazi salutes chanting “Sieg Heil” and “Death to Jews” during the playing of the German national anthem.

All i heard about was the salute, not the chants. And I think the Iranians did it mostly out of a bad joke or ignorance. European history probably isnt public knowledge among most Iranians. Ive seen more people from Iran upset over this then the germans.

You must be joking. WWII was one of the major events of the 20th century. How can you believe the majority of Iranians are not educated enough to know this?

well for one Iran for the most part is a theocracy. Things like world history tend to not diffuse into such cultures

It’s just ludicrous to say that Iranian’s wouldn’t know anything about world history - it’s world war 2 for fuck sake! about as significant a point in world history as there is. You’re not alone of course, this attitude - that they’re brainwashed from birth - towards certain states (particularly Iran, North Korea etc) is quite popular.

Ever met an Iranian?

Yes, and as a matter of fact I got this insight while visiting an Iranian site where they said so themselves. Go to the link…fellow Iranians say that the average Iranian only knows the basics, and WW2 is public knowledge, but the details are hazy for most.

And really, dont you know that alot of history is watered down and altered in many parts of the world? I live in on a military base, I see all types and they bring their new wives and husbands over from these areas. I have an insight into many cultures, and had to explain to an Iranian and someone from the Phillipines once that the Allies in WW2 was about stopping Hitler’s rise and the Holocaust, NOT killing the jews. They had it completely backwards. Not to say all of them are ignorant, but that the average person with the average schooling wouldnt know better in some places.

Some people on this site are naive.

Yes some people are, and in this case I believe it’s you. I must really disagree with your statement on the average Iranian. I’m sure you’ve met lots of interesting folks on your military base but you are obviously out of touch with the Iranian education system.

Like I said, much of insight on this matter comes from an Iranian site where they say the same exact thing. Why do you disagree then? Does political correctness guide you or something?

they are barbarians.

No, actually I have spent a lot of time among Iranian people in various cities and have learned a great deal about the culture of Iran from them. They are authors, artists, engineers, doctors and regular people, just like us. There are ignorant Iranians, but there are also ignorant Americans, Germans, Canadians, etc. Your generalizations are what I disagree with. You malign a people you know nothing about. A single internet site does not educate one on an entire culture.


My name is Cyrus. I am Persian, Iranian.

I wish I had noticed these comments sooner so I could educate you on your queries.

(Mainly to the guy who suggested Iranians are barbarians) Do some homework and read up on some history.

IRAN has 2500 years history. The first and greatest Empire, Persian Empire, that created the first civilisation streatching from cetral Asia to eastern Europe. If it was not for Cyrus the great, King of Kings, of Persia, Jews would not exist as he freed them in Babylonia from the savage Arabs.

Persian people and other ethnic Iranian majorities admire the Jews. However its the politicians who are anti-semetic. And I promise you, we hate our politicians. Iranians are the most hosbitable, warmest people on this planet. We treat any outsider or foreigner like familly. Perhaps I’m a little ticked off at the beggining, because frankly I take great offence to one of the comments.


November 1943 – The first meeting of the “Big Three” with King of Iran, Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt took place in Tehran, Persia, Iran, which concluded in setting the British-American invasion of France for the following spring.

IRAN is another term for Aryan (pronounced: IRAN= ‘IERUN’, ARYAN= 'URIYUN)= meaning the land of the Aryans. This so called nazi salute derived from the Aryan salute.

Therefore, the Iranians saluted the Germans/ Almaniya, in the manner of simply greeting them, as they are Aryans also.

I hope this is clear to you all.


The word ‘Iran’ means ‘Aryan’. Adolf Hitler knew a lot about the history of his people and wanted nothing more than to promote the Aryan Race. Adolf Hitler as well as the Iranians (and many others) also have similiar opinions of the Jewish people. So the fact that he killed 6 million of them probably puts him high on the list of many Iranians, Palestinians, and Muslims all accross the globe.

apacia we are not interested in Arafat or his uncle – Arafat is dead and you keep posting this same line. Even if it were true, Arafat’s gone… finished… kaput! Get over it!
What’s far more important than the political views of an old, dead leader’s uncle is the self proclaimed ”leader of the free world” and HIS Nazi links. Where did Prescott Bush’s fortune come from?

“The Bush family fortune came from the Third Reich.”
-John Loftus, former US Justice Dept. Nazi War Crimes investigator and President of the Florida Holocaust Museum

4/14/1990 New York Times quotes President George Bush as stating, “Lets forgive the Nazi war criminals.”

Notice who saying this? This is not Arab propaganda, as you keep saying everything is. Numerous American corporations have been sued by the jews for assisting the Nazis – the latest is IBM – why aren’t the jews suing Bush?

When you finish thinking about that, you can look up Bush’s current links (both Senior and Junior) to the bin laden family – who are still supporting muslim fundamentalism.

I suggest you stop posting your one-sided, ill-informed, racist propaganda and put your effort on working on your sig “(America)…with flaws that we are working on”. That should keep you busy for the rest of your life.

:unamused: Hum, why racist when repeating what is claimed in Arab media. If racist I could not teach in the diverse Southern California community college climate. Also, I am simply stating that the USA is not any worse than any other government.

:imp: Arafat’s legacy lives on with Abbas, one of his most prolific, terrorist henchmen.

:slight_smile: I read US, UK, EU, Arab, Israeli propaganda too to sift through the bullshit and try to find the facts.

:imp: I am well aware of Bush’s corruption and his ties to the bin Laden family. By the way, most of this family is proUSA, but antiJewish. Also, the Bush family and I believe, the Prescotts, were wealthy before WWII. Did you know the Roosevelts made their fotutune in the Chinese drug trade, which was legal at the time. Or how about the Kennedys with bootlegging and stock market insider trading.

Here is my support regarding the Bush fortune prior to WWII.

“As Phillips recounts, the family fortune was started by George W. Bush’s greatgrandfathers, the business entrepreneurs George Herbert Walker and Samuel Bush, both of whom were engaged in finance. Phillips finds several generational similarities among the Bushes…Phillips argues that the Walker and Bush families, along with other wealthy investment bankers, profited mightily from the rearmament efforts after the end of the First World War and were prominent members of the “military-industrial complex,” about which Dwight Eisenhower warned at the end of his eight-year presidency, and which Phillips traces back to “the construction of a large steel-clad navy in the 1880s and 1890s” but really took shape during the First World War. (Phillips dedicates the book to Eisenhower and cites that particular excerpt from Eisenhower’s farewell address.) The two families, he writes, were involved with “the mainstays of the twentieth-century American national security state: finance, oil and energy, the federal government…and the CIA, the National Security Agency, and the rest of the intelligence community.” After Pearl Harbor was attacked, Phillips argues, “many who had cut their teeth during the 1917-18 mobilization were given much larger war-related responsibilities, cementing earlier elite credentials.” And before he entered the Senate, George H.W.‘s father, Prescott Bush, was a prominent Wall Street investment banker. “No previous presidential family,” Phillips writes, “has been so wholeheartedly involved with a single economic sector over two generations, yet with so little scrutiny of the resulting narrowness of its public policy views.” Inevitably, Phillips spends considerable time on the subject of oil. “Both Bush chief executives,” he writes, "have been powerfully influenced and biased by their Texas milieu, especially in economic matters.’”

Truth, currently Turkey’s best seller is Mein Kampf.

Yes, and as a matter of fact I got this insight while visiting an Iranian site where they said so themselves. Go to the link…fellow Iranians say that the average Iranian only knows the basics, and WW2 is public knowledge, but the details are hazy for most.quote]

:cry: I recently read a BBC article that claims UK are hazy on WWII as well.


:smiley: The only true Americans are Native Americans. Most US citizens are a composit of many ethnic groups, as am I, English, Scots, Basque.

Hum, Abrham is generally considered a Semite, and the person who started the first montheistic religion, Judaism. The term Aryan I a Nazi corruption of Iran. Iranians are also considered Semites, as are Arabs.

If I correclty understand you, you are claiming the US should intervene for the Iranians, as we did for the Iraqis.

I agree that the Middle-East needs freedom, but it should not be a Western democratic ideology, it needs to stem from their social needs.