Iraqie war

He paid off the families of suicide bombers and stole billions from the food from oil program. What does a crook do with stolen mony??? Speculation is obvious logic. But then to top that he made Iraq a safe haven for Al Quida.

Comparing suiside bombers to hazzing isn’t quit a defence.

nope, why attack without reason. You see it’s side effect your saying is main reason. Quite impossiable to be logical and yet ill-logical in the same sentence. You’ll have to reevalute motivations. At least your not saying it’s about oil.

actions speak louder then words. Your on trial every time you open your mouth. It’s called society.

can’t JUST track them through internet servers

Religious beliefs can be summed up as moral values.

WOW sympathy for the devil. Yet I fail to see your point.

war against an entire nation. They may all look the same to you…

no,… I have prioreties. You assume Bush’s priorety is a lie to the public.

Again not the priorety. It might be nice to get paid back for freeing them though.

When you go against other peoples rights you lose your own.

Not a religious issue. It’s an issue of right and wrong, and sadamn was dead wrong. He’s getting hung for his wrongs. We might have just sent him to guantanamal.

you’d rather turn your back???

Life is better with oppressors instead of war. Hippy ideals but not reality.

Jesus overturned the tables at the churches where they sold religion. And Jesus also said if your hand causes you to sin to cut it off. What does a hippy know about religion? They make up their own. Yet the turn the other cheack is so you don’t lower yourself to their level and live in hatred. We have to keep in mind why we are saving iraqies. And the al quida who still want the power they had under sadamn.

We do need to change, you just want to hate bush for messing up. Where’s the screw up. It’s a good thing.

If you like half truths stay with science and political science. Religion talks about the things that have yet to be proven.

What is your term for advanced??? money???

No single event in recent history is so fraught with outright errors of factual presentation born of Presidential lies than Iraq.

It is NOT a fact that Saddam was creating a “safe haven for Al Qaeda”.

It is NOT a fact that there were “WMDs that were too old to work” or any other bioweapons or nukes or their essential components either complete or in development for a near-to-manifest true WMD finished product in Iraq.

These are simply NOT facts.

I have read much information that is indeed factually verified, and two things are very clear to me: 1) President Bush lied as to the reason we invaded Iraq, and 2) we invaded Iraq solely for reasons that have to do with Saddam’s 2002 plan to stop selling crude oil to us the moment the sanctions ended, selling “our” share to China instead, a loss that would have created a depression costing us trillions of dollars, status, power and more, as there was simply no other additional special light sweet crude available anywhere to compensate for losing that Iraqi crude.

Even a child, minimally versed in the economic workings of nations as whole units, could put the available facts together and come to the only rational conclusion supported by the facts.

I continue to be amazed and saddened by how infrequently the facts in this matter are presented.

It’s as if so many people were somehow in so many ways vested in keeping the facts and the truth hidden.

I can only wonder why.

Like WMDs and Al Qaeda!

Oh my! Oh my! Some people go right for the jugular:!

so you admit sadamn was being picky and choosy about the terrorist tacktics he would use. Like how he would turn his back on the al quida that have such deep roots in iraq.

And the fantasies continue … .

Phil, it was Iraq’s oil. They could choose to sell it to whom they wish. They would have gotten a better deal selling it to China than to us. It was simple business. That’s all.

That was not “terrorism” on Saddam’s part.

Again, you are fantasizing.

There were no Al Qaeda roots in Iraq. Saddam despised Al Qaeda as competition, and he wanted no part of it operating in his country. It didn’t operate in any form in his country prior to our invasion. There were no terrorist training camps in Iraq. Those are the facts.

Again, it continues to amaze me how the facts in this matter are completely ignored in deference to ideological fantasy. … 38,00.html

So, Al Qaeda was a financial, political and military creation of the Saudis and Western intelligence services.

Funny what you can learn if you’re willing to look for it…

So we didn’t have enough money to buy oil so we started a costly war??? You must be right. Or we would have just killed sadamn and moved in like britian did in the past.

So the terrorists were afraid of sadamn and wouldn’t cause so many road side bombs. But we move in and they grow a pair. I see now. All hail the great Sodamn

I know I’m not funny

Your assumption that we didn’t have enough money to buy oil is false.

It’s not an issue of having money to buy oil.

It was an issue of Saddam refusing to sell to us, period.

He liked the deal he got with China, that would also send cheap Chinese goods to Russia and Russian weapons to Iraq, a whole lot better than the mere money he would get from us, and, he was vengfully pissed at us. When he promised to stop selling to us and continued preparing the sale of our share of the Iraqi crude to China, we, understandably, took him seriously.

So we then spent billions in illegal murderous oil thieving invasion costs to save trillions, as the alternative to paying that price was a national economic depression with worldwide negative repercussions.

No, “the terrorists” in Iraq weren’t “afraid of Saddam”, because there were no “terrorists” in Iraq before we invaded.

No “terrorists” were in Iraq, period, so there were none there to be afraid of him. “Terrorists” simply had no business in Iraq – there was nothing there for them to warrant their presence.

All foreign “terrorists” were not in Iraq when Saddam ruled, period.

It was only after we invaded and overthrew Saddam and crushed his “terrorist”-preventing military that, the “terrorists” entered to join the Iraqi freedom fighters (aka “insurgents”) in attempting to fend of the American lead illegal oil thieving invasion.

That is the truth of it, those are the facts.

So oil is a problem? Russia and the world economy would all suffer the same. It’s a global market. There is a billion other solutions like reinventing the electric car. Sadamn was clinically insane and used terrorist tactics against people who spoke up politically against him. 80% of his country didn’t believe in his extreamer beliefs.

So all the weapon cashes were burried after while we were looking for sadamn, All the terrorists had family to hide them as soon as they moved in. All the fear of terrorists was instilled by sadamn and his SS troops, and not the well pleased terrorist political party. Now other extreamests are fighting to get the same control sadamn had, and not the democracy we are trying to instill.

king Nebracanezor of Babalon never found peace untill he found peace with a Christian God. (book of Danial) And in the book of revelations who will rebuild Babalon??? There’s your WWIII set up.

we’re relics of a burrning machine
Destroying our modest means
Time will tell who remains
Violence due to violent claims

Don’t get me wrong in this trivial persuit
The active voice is never mute
We the people are comming home
For the people we bring it home

Violence plans to protect my mane
Violence chooses to project proclaims
Whitch you choose is never right
I only choose to prove my sight

Listen to death as he wispers clear
A voice of silence to revear
Listen to silence that we lost
Time has forgotten our saviors cost
Time looks with-in to reveal

Hades and Heaven warr’n your soul
All you do is fill the cake hole
Bloody bellies your finally finished
Then it’s easier to see whats deminished
So finally you can see what’s your role


All the relevant facts and truth in the world are a waste of time to the idealogue’s mind.

The only thing that matters is what his guru tells him.

Bend over, everyone – the nuclear missiled armageddon is coming to a theater near your ass soon!

Iraq is in such turmoil today because of their factions trying to gain governmental dominance over each other. Those fighters could care less about a democratic government. I would imagine the majority of the population is pretty helpless and not participating in the conflict.

It’s all about authoritarianism over there. It looks like Shiites and Sunnis really can’t live with each other under the same government. One group must have absolute power and control and oppress the other as well as its own.

It sounds nice to conquer the whole middle east and redraw the maps along ethico-religious lines, but then you still have your resource conflicts.

I can only imagine the bitter conflicts multi-CULTturalism in America is going to set up. It’s the doctrine of getting people to pay allegiane to petty nationalisms instead of trying to forge a common culture. :frowning:

The truth is the president was misinformed. They even used french intelligence to say what they said. Your living in the past.

Sadamn is dead. Don’t try to free him now. Sadamn was evil. He would even attack the families of people who spoke up against him. What do you do with that fact??? I believe he supported attacks on the US, and may have used money to support al quida. You allow sadamn all the benifit of the doubt you want, but he was dirty

I can not answer this without being rude.
The president, the commander in chief, the decider, the messenger of God can not be misinformed.
It is his duty not to be misinformed.
Blaming the French again is ridiculous.

Nothing like Bush?!?! (CIA leak)

Saddam was executed not because of his crimes but to avoid the real trial and most important the embarrassment from the truth.
One of the main excuses for the pardoning of Nixon was to avoid the political fallout of putting a former president on trial.
That decision directly lead to the current situation. As republicans like to claim the lack of consequence for a crime will replicate that crime and others.
Here we are where the simple trial of a president is not even enough.
The execution of Saddam brings itself the only possible consequence for war crimes of Iraq.
Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld must be tried, convicted and executed by hanging before the end of 2007.