Is anyone capable of loving his job?


Do you ever get angry? You know, anger isn’t always a negative thing. It can show us that what is going on needs to be changed. Do you ever rise up wanting to change a situation or do you usually take a laissez faire attitude?
I think that there is a difference between feeling angry and allowing that anger to take you over.
Perhaps because I am not capable of being so passive, when it counts not to be, I find it difficult to understand that that is the mood which you always flow through.

How can you be so sure of yourself?
Being that you are a human being, surreptitious, how can you possibly make that statement? You’re not a robot. But even robots, computers or machines, etc. break down. Things change. People change. Things affect us in certain ways. Unexpected things happen which we have no control of. Are you so programmed that you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that nothing will affect you - cause you anger or cause you to change or to see things differently. You’re a human being foremost. No one is perfect, flawless, changeless.
Is being passive all of the time more balanced than seeking out ways to know when to be passive and when to be more pro-active - for lack of a better word?

I’m not trying to get offensive here but are you more afraid of living than dying?
And what of those you love and who love you - would their absence deprive you of your peace of mind at all?

The only jobs we need for a civilized society are the jobs I listed, because robots would run every other menial job.

In a non-robot world, the only jobs needed are farming type jobs, transportation of goods type jobs, building and maintanence type jobs, and that’s it. Those are the only people that are rich, everyone else gets a decent welfare. Entertainment jobs get special favors and added bonus based on the quality of art and philosophy. The militia is done out of civic duty and a desire to bear arms, and gets occasional donations. Tax money goes to increasing the quality of guns the militia has, and the other tax money goes to scientists to build the dna machine and research consciousness.

There’s my utopia.

As an added bonus, when the dna machine is made everyone will have beautiful bodies and everyone will be happy. Its not fucking hard.

The dna machine will cure mental illness and the militia will protect against outside nefarious forces. If someone wants to be ugly and mentally ill they arent forced on the dna machine if they dont want to. Like if someone wants to die of cancer, they arent forced to have medical attention and be cured by the dna machine (the dna machine can cure cancer.)

As for syrup man, hes acting goofy, as per usual. Anger isnt the opposite of passivity, you can get shit done without being angry so what the fuck.

That doesnt make them the entire subset of humans, omg. Boys are not men. Learn some set theory so I don’t have to teach you myself.

It depends on how the word “job” is meant. Do you mean “job” as an occupation or as a profession?

You mean etymology?

Yes, yes, you are absolutely right, at least I think so. Mama Trixie shall reward you with a cookie for your valiant contribution to this discussion.

Peanut butter or oatmeal raisin will do. None of that chocolate chip bullshit.

Also my valiant contribution to the thread was in a previous post. No one seemed to notice it. I’m glad you did.

it was 10 posts up and it was already addressed. I was referring to your current post. Your other post, then 10 posts up one was pretty solid.

Like a healthy, well formed turd. Solid.

I never said I know for certain that nothing will ever affect me but if I carry on as I am with nothing unforeseen happening to me till
the day I die I shall have nothing to complain about. Being passive all of the time is where I am at. Being pro active I leave to others

No I am not more afraid of living than dying. I accept both and leave the rest to nature. Nobody loves me
and I love nobody. I am a loner and keep entirely to myself. And I function much better as a consequence

But you don’t function. You said you are passive and do nothing. You might as well love, because you can’t even get any more feminine than you already are.

I have no interest in loving anyone as that is not my thing but instead to be alone for the rest of my life as that is what works for me


Do things affect you at all?
So, what happens if something unforeseen happens to you? Remember, no man is an island. Would you be able to handle it?

Are you a buddhist? Is this a form of practicing wu wei wu or are you simply detached from everything and I don’t mean “caring disinterest”. Could your reality of being passive mean going with the flow?
I don’t have a clear picture of what "passive’ means to you? You could be someone who is very stoic, very practical, whose feathers are never ruffled.

Tell me, what if you saw a child being harmed or heard that one was being harmed and you knew that you could do something about it? Would you turn your back on that?

Well, we each march to a different drummer. If it works for you, it works for you. It’s your life.


No I am not more afraid of living than dying. I accept both and leave the rest to nature. Nobody loves me
and I love nobody. I am a loner and keep entirely to myself. And I function much better as a consequence
I’m not saying that yours is the optimal living condition (though it may be far better that some of ours are) but can I ask you how you’ve managed to achieve this way of life, this personal attitude?

Perhaps John Donne was wrong but the jury is still out on that. Maybe you’re the statue inside the marble just waiting.

If something unforeseen happened to me then I would have to accept it and cope as best as I could
It is not something exclusive to me for it is a universal human response to any manner of situations
I am not Buddhist though I think being naturally passive is the default position for me from now on
If I saw a child being harmed I would probably tell the police but would not get involved otherwise
I avoid human beings much as possible and I fully plan on remaining a recluse up until the day I die

I won’t speak for other people, but I recall a few days before I was headed off to kindergarten, my great aunt asked me “are you excited” for which I responded honestly, swiftly, and plainly with “no”.

26 or so years later and I have never wavered from that sort of feeling, outside of growing an even deeper disdain for school/work and despair at the thought of going to school/work, and so I have avoided doing so at just about all costs. For me, no, no, no I do not like (disdain, utterly despise, have contempt for, etc) being a slave, and will not put up with it.

My work is my life and my life is my work. MY work, MY life, in which activities like reducing suffering, adventuring into the unknown, asking questions, and walking the path is more than enough, almost too much to handle at times, to be honest. That which calls me calls, and that which doesn’t doesn’t. I cannot do what I am not called to do, would truly rather die, then be forced into slavery, which to me school/work most certainly is.

But again, I can only speak for myself. I am well aware that a vast amount of people go to work, and at least endure it. I have never been able to endure it for long. By the time I was a freshman in high school I refused to go to school anymore, or rather, my nervous system refused it. I wouldn’t budge, was absolutely frozen, paralyzed, shell shocked. Could utterly not do it anymore. I vowed that if I ever had to work I’d simply kill myself. Nothing has changed since then.