Is anyone else a Seer?

Okay, I’ve noticed over the span of a few years that I experience what is called clairvoyant. There have been some major things in my dreams that have predicted real life events. But dreams are not my main source. I consider myself a writer, even if I don’t write a word. I have thought up many fictional ideas that have come to pass either in real life or in a movie/ book. Usually these thoughts are reocurring over a good stretch of time. By then, I am familar with the idea enough to recognize it out there in the world.

Are others out there experiencing this?

The biggest things that have happened are hard to explain to strangers and expect them to believe me. And the small things, which only show a pattern, would probaby seem trival on their own. The small things are entirely personal, however, the sheer number of them is what has made me aware of the process.

I understand there are a lot of people on this planet, so certain ideas are bound to show up in like minded individuals affected by the same world that I am . . . but this seeing of mine I don’t hear anyone else confess to.

I don’t know what to do about foreknowledge because I can’t control one aspect of it, besides letting it happen?!?

I also feel wierd making my claim on idea inspired events that I can’t prove to others, and yet justfied in my own experience of that claim.

There’s all sorts of responses to claims such as these, ranging from complete disbelief and pity to complete agreement - but I think the majority in circles such as these on this forum will tend toward the disbelief side.

For all the interpretations of the world, wanting to see mystery and providence or wanting to see definite mechanism is a matter of pscyhology. Mystery is seen as morally wrong by the mechanics, usually as ignorance or stupidity, and sometimes as lies or denial. Mechanics are seen by magicians as morally wrong for destroying the world by dissecting it into something inert and predictable despite all the exceptions.

Mechanics see themselves as going the extra mile, strong willed and intellectually conquering, heading towards positivism. Magicians see the other side of things as the deeper pursuit, relishing uncertainty and seeing a more sentimental take on the world as more accurate and reasonable - often personifying it with active living invisible gods, instead of passive inert invisible forces that seem to be ‘implied’ by relatively consistent quantifiable effects.

It’s all the same thing to me: relying on one interpretation over another to understand a reality. Seeing law and exception in different ways, as the world seems to be as consistent as it is inconsistent depending on how you look at it. This reflex just seems to be instinctual and is nothing I claim to be able to or to want to avoid - so inevitably I will meander from one side of things to another.

As for experiences of clairvoyance, I’ve often felt like ‘something had happened or was going to happen’ when the air was a certain way. My girlfriend has much more often than not predicted obscure things about me. Mechanics will simply shrug off such things as accidental association and probability - maybe unconsciously picking something up without realising it, or seeing what you want to see. All these takes seem equally viable to me, it just depends what you’re looking for and how your instincts have manifested in your reasoning.

I’m not going to speculate on whether or not you are psychic. Its possible, I’m sure. But, I want to point out that because of the way we are wired, we often see just what we want to see. This thing of reoccuring ideas may just mean you are ahead of the curve.



Then what,you can use it in creative way.

I’m sorry, but I’m openly with the skeptics on this one.

If you can predict the future - I suggest trying out for the Randi prize. … Foundation

I simply find it amazing how so many people claim to have pyscic powers and yet how little reliable evidence there is for them. All professional pyscics I have ever seen or heard of are visibly quacks with a small talent for cold reading and crowd pleasing. Many, such as Sylvia Browne, have been repeatedly exposed as outright liars and I consider them among the most dishonest and manipulative people in the Western world.

This is not a personal attack but (in my mind) a perfectly rational skepticism. I am not unwilling to believe, just utterly unmotivated.

nb: I’m not at all saying that you’re manipulative - you evidently aren’t. What I’m saying is that it would take more than one (or even tens of thousands) of people’s own personal accounts to make me believe - and the abscence of genuine famous pyschics seems to act as eveidence that pyshcic powers are probably not possible (pending a better explanation of this abscence). I open to the genuine possibility of your account being true, it’s just not enough to make me step in to the realm of actual belief.

Yes, I’ve had precognitive experiences, as well as those of telepathy, OBE, and the weirdest synchronicites you can imagine.

I believe there is a prize for being able to demonstrate psychic ability. A money prize. We’ll just go ahead and assume the foundation is 100% upfront about their motives.

Because no one has won that prize I am going to conclude that psychic ability is impossible. Please, no one ask me to think about this further, cause of right now I really believe this is a logically sound conclusion.

That hit my funnybone, mainly because psychic ability is sort of a misnomer, definitely in my case at least. It’s just something that comes my way and I have a lot of fun noticing and learning from it. It’s like a way of life, and in a very important way that is the prize.

I know.

Some people are both with it; I believe it’s something which can be honed, though. Most people would rather engage in some sophomoric skepticism (which usually doesn’t include being skeptical of the Randi foundation) than hone their psychic proclivities.

I believe the psychic, and other as-of-yet unexplored areas of the mind is the future of the human race.

Thank you. This is not a matter either for skepticism or display. I love the idea that it is the future of the human race, if there is a future. However, it’s hard for me to separate time out that way. You probably know what I mean.

It’s something to strive for.

Whatever “it” is . . .

You know what it is, and if you’re moving towards it – yet it defies words.

That’s what’s so interesting about it.


Lots of talk. No proof. I didn’t claim the fact that the randi prize remains unclaimed was my major reason for being skeptical. I simply suggested that if you are pyscic, it has to be worth a shot. As far as I know, there is no one who has ever agreed on thier test conditions and subsequently claimed to have passed them - so there is at least a running chance that a true pyshcic could win a million bucks - although apparently most in the business don’t consider this worth thier time.

The problem is a lack of any reliable scientific evidence.

How can something so prevalent be so unproveable?

It’s been proven into redundancy. Just the other day I was reading about the CIA’s history with remote viewing.

No one will past Randi’s test, but that is the point of having it. Most people are lazy thinkers and will assume one given the other.

The CIA used to use remote viewing.

They stopped using it after they (finally) realised that it wasn’t working. If it was actually helping them, they wouldn’t have abandoned it.

They still use it.

They train kids with a high psychic aptitude from a very early age.

The human brain is an amazing organ, able to synthesize information in a wide variety of sources – including ones that we don’t consciously recognize. I’ve had moments of clairvoyance, as has pretty much everybody. But that doesn’t mean I’ve got some sort of psychic power. It means I was unconsciously able to assemble the information presented to my mind in such a way that I consciously would recognize things without knowing where the source of my inspiration was coming from.

Ask me to assemble a pattern cold, or about something I know nothing about and the pattern won’t arise. But the more information I’ve got stored in the subconscious the more I’m able to accurately predict what is going to happen.

That isn’t psychic power. That is how the human brain works. That is how it is supposed to work! That isn’t magic.

No one mentioned magic. I think this is all as explainable as you do, I just see the specifics as a bit different. Regardless, remote viewing is categorically different then precognition — I think many misunderstandings and disagreements arise because the word ‘psychic’ is kind of an umbrella term to a whole host of phenomena.