Is Competition Ethical?

“Competition is a tool for evolution, and evolution is also a competition”

You’re using circular logic, Kristy. Try again. The whole point of evolution is sex with competitively successful individuals. Females want to fuck winners, not losers.

Sex is inherent competition. All against all.

An uneven tool. There is no such thing as equal opportunity or advantage in a competitive environment.

Excellent summary.

Well I am grateful you two are not in charge of the universes and dimensions. Reproduction is a tool for evolution, competition is a tool. Evolution is not a tool for either except in the brains of hormonally challenged youth.

Magnus, please be consistent and stop competing with me, since competition is unethical.

Like I said. Pacifism can only exist if there is nobody militaristic to exploit its stupidity and weakness.


If the only other option is submission to your globalistic, oligarchic, communistic new world order, then yes… please do blow the human race the fuck out of existence.

So, you won’t ban competition, but you argue in favor of reason. I don’t see as reason and competition being in conflict, but you might as it would give you monopoly on reason.

What happens when you and I disagree about some issue, and I decide to compete while also using reason. Will you remain a good, reasonable, pacifist? Or will you compete with me?

And yes, it is true that some things are out of human control… so what?
Just FYI, the world has enough firepower to blow up pretty fucking big meteoroids (meteorites is what they’re called when they hit earth)… I’m fairly certain that something big enough to destroy earth is also too big to classify as a meteoroid.

You’re the Mrs. Butterworth of philosophy.

And you are the Peewee Herman

You could not handle my maple sweet syrup self, it would just give you mental cavities.

Are you trying to talk dirty to me Kriswest? You need to get that menopause of yours under control.

Mentalpause occurred a decade ago, and hell no that was not talking dirty, eeew, get a grip.

Sounded dirty to me.

Saying the words peanut butter would sound dirty to your hormonally challenged mind.

hey there… um-um… time to thrown a massive eye opener into the mix. I recommend this video, which demonstrates how Reason defeats competition, and the philosophical argument that sustains it. You will not waste your time, I promise. It is all about the premise. And the darwinian paradigm is the problem since it is not suited for the human’s mind. Reason (guided by the heart) is the best tool for human’s survival as it promotes cooperation, whereas competition leads to collective suicide.

a must watch to continue this debate, take it another level. (for everyone)

Solutions: The Revolution of the Mind

Hahaha… okay, I see and that’s why billions of humans will/may have to go. Maybe “empathic reason” deserves a thread onto itself

judeo christian ethics has screwed up many minds, sacrifice doesnt benefit the whole at all since it breeds fundamentalism. Selflessness only works when not expecting anything in return, which is impossible due to the laws of polarities/dualism which we are subjected to. Selflessness and selfishness exist as absolutes but merge into one when pushed far enough. It is all about electricity, the anode and cathode must be equal in action and counteraction to produce current. For humans its comes down to a full match between flaws(negative) and qualities(positive) within and those we interact with. Arising conflicts are caused by an imbalance between flaws and qualities, or unsettled inner conflicts between the right brain (nurturing) and left brain (domination). The quote below is physics and we can apply it to just anything. Psychology is kinda of a scam.

Action and reaction are equal and opposite, and are expressed simultaneously. Sequentially they are repeated in reverse, the reaction becoming the action and the action the reaction – Walter Russell

Celine, I did the first 30 minutes of your vid. I will finish the rest after I check out the producer. So far it says nothing that is not known. As pack/herd animals, our individuality is secondary in large groups. Individuality dominates in small groups/packs/herds. It is species survival. City vs. country. You cannot remove deliberately a gross amount of the species without screwing up the species. The ones that are programming the minds are needed yet not. If the animal human had no central programming towards society control ,it would become extinct. This includes minimal amount of the species.

well, in my view, understanding how competitive paradigms function, would lead to a world driven by much less competition as the mind would take over, people would think twice before engaging in whatever competition, and this is the Mind Revolution, what brilliantly conveys this video.

I dont know why most regard the paradigm of deadly competition as inevitable, thats the conclusion of this 1 hour video which should be taught in high schools. But even education is itself competitive paradigm and it is highly mind boggling that most people accept competitive education as a framework. Much like: my kids learn fallacies or theories that are limited in time but that’s okay. if we could end this dreadful and tunnel vision, competition would morph into cooperation. If higher college degrees help doom mankind, the word civilization becomes meaningless, we are no better than cavemen.

When completed I will post my essay on here.

Do you play chess?

yes, I do. But I wont accept to be a pawn without my consent