Is constant happiness truely desirable?

Would we be able to live in happiness for a long time?

  • Yes
  • No
  • To an extent
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Imagine being happy for a long period of time. Let’s say you’ve gone through lots of problems (had your share of saddness), and now you’re living in a society where everyone tries to be understanding, there is no violence or social darwinism - everyone lives to treat everyone as ends themselves. You probably get the point. Now think if this is constant for the rest of your life, you’re totally happy because you have a loving family, wife, steady job - the whole American dream (don’t take the American dream pun too seriously for this argument :slight_smile:)

Could you live in such an environment, or would you even want to live in a life without troubles? Let’s say your everyone is happy because they have happy lives, your job is constant, no problems, and since it’s a ‘happy’ community everyone is happy - even your boss!

I’d imagine that constant happiness would be quite hard to cope, since there are no problems, issues to resolve… if your biggest challenge is planning next summer’s vacation then I couldn’t imagine living like that!

I believe it’s in our nature to seek quests, problems, issues to resolve. If we’re totally happy, it’d go against our nature.

I believe we need saddness to appriciate happiness, living constantly happy might be nice for some time, but in the long run we wouldn’t be able to stand it, IMO.

Let the comments roll…

I think after awhile we would get used to that happiness and eventually have to seek out greater happiness. This obviously could happen one day so maybe we are all destin to be sad?

I for one am perfectly happy with things the way they are. I cannot see how they might be improved. Yeah, I’m constantly happy now, and have been happy for as long as I can remember. Does that sound very sad?

Suffering tends to spur people into action, wouldn’t you agree that complete happiness would in the long-term lead to laziness and a rather mundane monotonus life without any advancements in life. Then again, would it matter? If one is entirely happy and encounters no suffering then perhaps a cyclical lifestyle would pose no problem.

hmmm… It’s almost impossible to comprehend.

I don’t see why it would hinder the achievent of anything. Sure, some people might thrive on misery but I don’t think that complete happiness would have stifling effects on growth or whatever. Perhaps that sense of wholeness would enable you to create more. Anyway, I can’t conceive of such a state. I think a life without troubles wouldn’t feel right, surely you’d be trying to figure out what’s going on?

Interesting points, if you look to happiness as one extreme end of feeling (with suffering the other) i’d would say i vary wildly from each extreme to the other, which i would acount for my age, still been relatively young. Although is it any different with age?

Though through a horror movie sometimes, my mind seems to imagine zombies, ghosts etc watching me or waiting to jump out at me at any moment. Now, knowing its not possible, why would my mind imagine such things? I believe we, as humans, need a certain level of fear in our lives, perhaps it just some survival instinct or we indeed love suffering. Im happy enough with regular sex, the suffering can do what it pleases.

I’d imagine happiness to be comparable to a chemical substance - the more you get the higher your tolerance goes.

Heroin addicts, for instance, require larger and larger doses as time progresses. I’d imagine happiness to be the same - the more happiness you get the more you need to stay happy. I think this is the point I was trying to get to.

I don’t believe humans can be content with a continuous happy environment without much change.

How can constant happiness be truly desired or desirable because we are only happy in contrast, if there is no sorrow to compare with, happiness will cease to be happiness. Not only that, I think joy and sorrow follow one another so that our body which is mostly all chemicals retains a fair amount of balance, or we’d see this disease or that disease showing up soon. So, essentially I feel that joy and sorrow are there, to keep our body chemicals in order, in which case, constant happiness would prove to be a disaster. Also, change is a very big thing, it puts spice in life, that wouldn’t be there so we’d be more likely to become depressed first thing if constant happiness was there :laughing:

sadness, anxiety, misery or the kind can be addictive in the same way. especially self-pity has a tendency to grow so.

I don’t see happiness as the opposite of suffering. I see happiness somewhere in the middle of elation and suffering, which are opposites. Similar to what you say, some people love the drama of worrying, of being afraid, of self-pity, and think that kind of drama is a waste of time. Personally, I don’t like conversing with people that are always negative, who try to make others feel bad, and sure, I think a society where “everyone tries to be understanding, there is no violence” would be pretty cool. Fortunately, most of the people I know and associate with are pretty understanding, friendly, and are quite non-violent.

Anyway, I think the idea is a little ludicrous. People die, people hurt each other, even if only by accident, and people do feel pain, even if most of the time most people are happy and pleasant to be around. I’ve had bosses that were really mixed up in the head and treated all (or most of) their subordinates like shit, and if I have a choice (which I do) I don’t work for or with people like that.

I can imagine living like that. Some people see problems as "issues to resolve’ and others see problems as “opportunities for making things better” just like they see planning their vacation as an opportunity to further their happiness. It just depends on how you want to view life. I don’t get any added benefit out of viewing it without positivity, so I do view it positively.

It all depends on whether the happiness is what you want. If the world changes to make you happy, then you would be permanently happy. Its like heaven and hell. Heaven will change to be your heaven, so if you like drugs and booze and stuff (you probably wouldn’t have gotten into heaven anyway if you did. This is saying heaven and hell actually exist, which they could), then your heaven would be full of booze, drugs and stuff. Then if your hell was the heaven sterio-type, then that would be your hell. Heaven would be your hell. That is all depending on whether they reflect on your likes and dislikes.
I think living in a world of permanent happiness would be ideal, because it would/should always be YOUR interpretation of happiness.

I’m assuming here that everything is as you described: people are all kind, understanding, etc. and that the world is not in its present state (because if it were then I would just end up saying that it’s impossible for someone to continue being completely happy, with no ups and downs, for the rest of their life in this world).

We would eventually find something that would annoy us, make us uncomfortable, or sad. I think it’s quite inevitable. If you’re forced to always look at the color red, surely you’d get used to doing so… and wouldn’t you then become more sensitive to it and immediately notice a slight change (such as variations in the shades of red)? Depending on presonalities, of course, the change could be either positive or negative (not necessarily the color red, of course, unless you’re really picky about the shades of red you have to see :wink: )… which would end up in us being in the same position we are now, seeing the difference between something more pleasurable and something less pleasurable. Which would then make everything a bit more ‘mediocre’ maybe… Am I wrong in saying that if you hate with passion, won’t you also truly love with a lot more passion as well, compared to the person who likes and/or dislikes everything equally? Generally, I do think people need to bump into assholes to be able to appreciate a kind person. I also do think that people would end up taking many things for granted (as most already do now). Plus, to a person who never has any stress… their work is fine, people are always so kind, etc… Wouldn’t even something “simple” such as planning a vacation - wouldn’t that become very stressful? Not to mention when you’d have to actually travel! (If you’ve ever been traveling alone, you know how stressful it can be). I think these things would be seen more as problems than they are seen to be now… since we have more painful tasks to compare them to…

I pretty much agree with you. However, I don’t think that being constantly happy would go against our nature. I won’t get into why I think so or I’ll never end this post… :unamused: I just think that we’re sensitive to change, and then from there we end up liking and disliking things… and so on.

There’s my “2” cents, heh.

I don’t think it’s possible to be completely and constantly happy - never experiencing any sorrow.

This is what heaven promises to deliver us. However, it’s a very simple question - how do you know you’re happy when you forget what it’s like to be sad?

It’s contrary to human nature to be constantly happy. It’s one of the many paradoxes that comes with the bless and curse of consciousness.

Happiness isn’t happiness if you can’t recognize it and happiness wouldn’t exist without sadness; if you were never sad, how would you know you were happy, and so how could you be happy? I don’t think anyone can be happy if he is never sad.