Is corruption learned or are we born with it?

Life is a corrupting process from the time a child learns to play his mother off against his father in the politics of when to go to bed; he who fears corruption fears life ~ Saul Alinsky

As a child do we learn corruption at a young age for survival or is it something we are just born with?
Are humans so easily molded like clay?

For example, we read the story of snow white and the red apple.
We think the evil witch is bad for making Snow White eat the
apple but do we ever stop to think about what the witch said to
her. She told Snow White if she ate the apple then all her
dreams and wishes would come true. Snow White had a choice
but she picked the corruption of her greed and desires to be
fulfilled. All the witch did was present the opportunity and
give her the chance to choose; living in a house with seven
short men and clean up after them or living in a castle with
“Channing Tatum” and to be pampered forever. She allowed
her own corruption make the wrong choice even though
she was warned by the dwarfs.

Disney even shows us that corruption is rewarded in the
end because your desires are still fulfilled.

If you stop reaching for roses, there will be no thorns to hurt you. But that is meant for those who think there is a better state for them to think seriously upon and seek out, when in fact there is no problem with their present life and no reason to be kept from coming to terms with their life as it is.

Good point.

The idea of corruption only exists in the presence of the idea of a preferred order. Life IS a particular order and thus anything that invades or infiltrates that order is “corruption” and leads to death, the disordering of life. And it is due to both physiological causes and psychological causes.

What is corruption?

Is it making decisions to alter your circumstances?
Is it wanting two servings of mashed potatoes instead of one?
That’s what it seems given the posts in this thread.

I guess, corruption would be those drops of black ink poured into water.
Will it over take the water and turn it black or will it dissolve and have no effect over the water.
Having the morals to always give a dollar to someone who asks but a friend tells
you that doing such is idiotic. Will you allow those words to effect you or
keep your morals?
Webster definition:
Corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from your personal ideal

I personally believe in corruption and also that it can be overcome completely.
We just need a proper media, religion and education.

Ummm…so if your personal ideal is to rule the world, by whatever means available, including murder, rape and pillage, then if someone talks you into taking a house by the sea and forgetting world domination, then you have been corrupted. The queen (there’s a witch?) didn’t offer SW a choice - she duped her.

Talk about blaming the victim…

Although personal ideals may vary, health can be closer to ‘objective’.

Moralists ultimately should want a healthy balanced ecosystem.
That is the closest thing there is to true goodness, morally.

It is influence that destroys your ideal.

I don’t like to think she is a victim… I like to believe she was smarter then lead on.

The simple question is, if someone came up to you with a red apple
saying your wildest dreams would come true, would you take it
because of that promise or refuse it because you shouldn’t
take random things from strange old women in the forest.

She offered corruption and SW took it even if
it was for the best intentions.

I didn’t know what corruption was and now I don’t know what influence is.

An adult listens to people around him and observes how the world operates. He makes choices about how to conduct his life and takes responsibility for those choices. Some of the decisions are going to be wrong. I don’t see how an adult can be corrupted.

Corruption is being talked into a decision that is later regretted? :-k
Corruption is not living up to potential or expectations?

I think it’s perhaps not prudent to eat apples delivered by a stranger who promises such things. But I don’t think it’s morally wrong.

Corruption is sugar in the gas tank and neuro-toxins in foods.
But it is also deceptions that lead to mental blindness or self-defeatism (extreme passions thought to be justified).

Let’s say you want to run for office as the mayor of this city and clean it up. People have been trashing the place so you create these recycling laws and pass them. It works for a while but the corporation that has to recycle the material realize they will have to spend a little bit more money on man power and machines. So they don’t want to do that so they come to you with a suitcase full of cash and offer it to you if you remove the law. The corruption is taking the money and remove the laws you know has helped in a major way to the city.

Geeking out over that last statement… :banana-dance:

If all the signs points to the woman giving you the apple is the evil queen then the only other reason you took the apple was for your own personal greed and gain. You allowed it to take over your sense of judgement. You allowed your own personal corruption.

what is the difference between a corrupt system and any other system…?

and dont say “its corrupt”

Outie- Did the signs point to the woman being an evil queen? Did Snow White see those signs? And is their something wrong with personal gain?

I think you and I read (and perhaps subscribe to) different fairy tales.

Lol, perhaps we did and do… I could be over analyzing a simple fairy tale but there is always a deeper meaning.
If you notice the red apple portion of the story shows similar characteristics of the biblical story of Eve and the snake.
Two evil figures offering riches, desires, and dreams.
Both took the apple for selfish personal gain at a major cost but only one of them were punished for it while the other was rewarded for it.

There is nothing wrong with personal gain but its better
to earn it through hard work, right?
Then to take it right out of the devils hands.

A non-corrupt system is one that adheres to its designed intent.
Not knowing what that intent is leads to that corruption.

I just disagree. If personal gain falls into your lap, why not take it? And while i don’t believe in any devils, I think it’s harsh to blame poor Snow White for being deceived. We all have dreams.

Sounds like you just made that up.

The purpose of any system is to stabilize the behaviour of a large, generally unrelated group of people into predictable forms that allow for the investment of money and labour into projects that require the future to resemble the present closely enough that the finished project will bear dividend. The ability to adapt to innovations from within and threats from without is also a plus, but not an absolute.

If the system remains a predictable, stabilizing influence then the accusation of ‘corruption’ is merely an aesthetic label imposed by (usually foreign) political commentators. It is only when the bottlenecks, go-slows and ineptism caused by things like bribery, illicit patronage and nepotism become severe enough to destabilize the host society, to the point where the future can no longer be relied upon to resemble today - leaving people no reason to invest their money, labour, or moral restraint in that future - that the system fails.

A truly corrupt system is a dead or dying one, prior to that, it’s just inefficient in comparison with others.