Is corruption learned or are we born with it?

Everybody is born with genetical characteristics however not everybody acts on them.

Genetical characteristics often enough are agitated by environmental conditions.

I don’t think we’re born with innate corruption, but I think we’re born with the ability to deceive. This is the subject of a book, The Folly of Fools, by Robert Trivers, who notes that deception, in the form of fake crying can be seen in babies at around 6 months. Two-three year olds lie to protect either themselves or other people’s feelings. If deceit is the basis for corruption, then, yes, it seems we are born with the ability to either corrupt or be corrupted. My question would be does deceit lead, necessarily to corruption. I don’t think so.

“WE” are not born with anything. What you’re really trying to distinguish here, is the nature of the male hominid, versus the nature of the female hominid organism.

Male hominids, called “MAN”, is born into Sin and corruption, yes. But female hominids, called “WOMAN”, is not born into Sin and corruption. A girl does not become corrupted by Sin, until her virginity is pierced for the first time. Then she becomes an adult. The nature of Sin, is the nature of MAN and His Divine Willpower. Man is a rapist, a sexual entity, who desires flesh. This is Sin. And this is MAN’s thirst of life. This is His Willpower.

MAN lusts after WOMAN, and in so doing, Good and Evil are birthed into the world, by the Knowledge of Good and Evil. O:)

Maybe this is relevant or not. Whatever. But I often wonder at what point in life does an individual foster a fetish. Y’now? At what point in his life did Bernard garner the appetite for having his balls tied up and stamped on? And at what point in her life did Bernadette begin desiring to urinated and spat on?

We’re like pretty little snowflakes. Unique manifestations of the interplay between duty and taboo.

I think its because once you try one thing it begins to no longer
satisfy your needs so you begin to do other things.
Like drugs you body starts to get use to them
so you end up taking more and more until…
you overdose.

I would say mostly learned, but we do have a predilection for becoming corrupt by our natures.