Is creating false guilt for profit by religions a good moral

Creating false guilt is always good for those (0.001—1% of all humans) who create and manage it as a moral tenet, but who are “those” today? If “they” are really “religious” people, their “religion” is a political, governmental, financial, criminal one, a modern ideology for the other 99—99.99% and with idols (false gods) which are called e.g. “Political Correctness”, “Affirmative Action”, “Feminism”, “Genderism”, and other kinds of racism, sexism, communism, capitalism.

The current rhetoric trick is that each of those who create false guilt for profit says e.g.: “I am not religious.” But each of them is religious, although in a modern manner, thus in an ideological manner.

Ideologies are opium for the people. :wink: