Is Donald Trump Dangerous?

Maybe so concerning historical apt comparisons.

Gosh, I just like how all the conservatives make Trump to be some kind of Christian evangelical ubermensch as a sort of political parental figure for a population that needs a big daddy.

Don’t worry, big daddy is going to save us all! Nobody messes with big daddy!

Tax overhaul? If you mean cutting taxes on big corporations and raising taxes on everybody else, sure.

Tax overhaul passed mandate is secure.

For the wealthiest or those with retirement pensions absolutely. Younger generations or those with lower incomes naturally are thrown under the bus.

It is not the rightness of the tax overhaul what matters in relation of the perceived danger of Trumpism , but the saving of some kind of mandate to legitimise his presidency.

After all the dust settles its just another case of Reagan’s trickle down economy. Who gets thrown under the bus does nothing to sway this economic theory.

Trickle down, getting pissed all over. Yes, I understand what the rest you’re saying.

A bad sign: at. Munich conference yesterday, American (GOP) officials comforted rattled nerves, by undermining the extreme and urgent tweets emulating from Trump. He is beginning to bother the Republicans.

This soothing of the nerves may or may not quell the growing international belief, that if his own party undermines his authority, why are they so ardently holding on to him for dear life. At last count the members of his most ardent supporters are beginning to be weary of him. The percentage of them are beginning to realize some deep folly, as the Mueller investigation continues within now a increasingly fractured world, both: nationally and intentionally.

Evil rests in ignorance, not in bliss.

On another front , Tillerson said on 60 minutes that he is willing to go to North Korea to negotiate with Kim because the US is getting rattled by NK’s claim of nuclear bombing the homeland.

This appears to undercut Trump’s bellicose output of warnings of military action, further undercutting allnwarnongs of mental imbalance on the chief executive, and prolonging the wait and see attitude that characterized North Korea’s faux treaties of the past. It was the familiar warnings. sanctions, violations, returning to the negotiating table, on and on. Is this the delivery of stupid as stupid gets,

Was all this not foreseeable 20 years ago?, when there may have been a simpler solution?

Intelligence through the CIA and FBI meant nothing then as they do nothing now? , as the Extreme Right seems to indicate?

Or is this gearing up to the predictions prior of a way the dog kind of showdown in Ok Corral?

Republican congress supports Trump? Trump’s been shut out of their club from the get go. In general, the only republicans who support Trump are his loyal voters.

But Wendy, how can his ‘loyal supporters’ be so effective as to enable to fight All government agencies including most of academia, the intelligence community, his own fractured party, and even most of the national and international community?

It appears almost as am anathema to propose that Eisenhower’s warning of the coming humongous power of the military industrial complex has won its day.

Ianthisnwjat is going on, on the surface, where some members here at ILP indicated that Hillary(Shrillary) would have certain to cause a terrible war , as well?

The sorely missed moderates are out to the test, at this time, as in no other, but the center is an illusionary reconstruction of opinions and dire predictions of Wilsonian social neutrality, which purported to be Obama’s strategy.

Maybe someone pointed out in one of the leading think thanks that history tends to repeat itself, as in the failure of the League of Nations and the following WW 1.

Trump is the only one not provoking Russia. Trump is like an Abrams tank, he just keeps plowing through all his shitty enemies most of who are in this country.

Surely the Syrian debacle of last week would be interpreted by Russia as a provocation, if only by underscoring the axiom of warfare: never show your back to the enemy by letting them know that your authority is widely questioned and challenged. It invites the power grab that is left in the wake of its abandonment.

The more it becomes obvious that the center IS the military industrial complex, with General Kelly at its helm.Bit of that is so, things must consist of more than meets the eye.

What Syrian debacle?

200 deaths plus injured and missing of the Russian ‘Wagner’ forced, allegedly conscripted as mercenaries, but denied by intelligence, so to an incursion by them and the pro government forces of Syria, into US and rebel held territory, which was pre agreed upon as forbidden. It is a protocol that the Russians signed into , and reversely have to abide by the U.S., via their held ground.
Putin denies Russian losses of men and material, as he is defying the indictments against the people responsible for the political collusion

From what I read, the reports were contingent on their receipt of conclusions about the information. In other words, the media news knew very little, mostly speculation about the events. We’re they Russian? Mercenaries? Paid by who? How many really died? Sketchy reporting.

Its a proxy war and this is the endgame of the fight in Syria.
The ambiguity that developed between supposed Russian meddling , about Trump’s financial ties, his rhetoric, has caused an international outrage and confusion. The Syrian hotspot, the North Korean problem, the Afgan terror , a) are adding fuel to the flames of hatred ignoring under clouds of suspicion and covert operations.

The consensus that the US is heading foreward toward a kind of military faux dictatorship regardless of whether who is in charge , makes these times a particularly dangerous era. Notwithstanding which agenda will ultimately win out, a nationalistic or an internationalistic one.

The Syrian incident is another sign of decaying world wide trust. And in an era where one mistake can spark a wider struggle, is worth considering.

Oh yes civilians are pretty unconcerned and most deal with it as business as usual. Most people do not watch or even read news , because they consider most news bad news.

True, it is sketchy, but, if politics can be likened to an art, sketches are made before a complete painting can be achieved. All the sketches of how many died, how many were Russians out of those, how many mercenaries , all these quantifiable quantifiable particulars do not negate the fact that the US and Russia are enemies , fighting for different reasons and their political smiles are facades of conventional political behavior. However, the internal/external behaviors again hide the complex levels of what is going on, from basic motivation to equally hidden set goals. In that sense, statistics matter less, since Russia is de facto a much more historicist and closed society , nationalism still has more meaning , then in the US, that is why Eastern European experts here are very much concerned about further expansion or reclaiming into Eastern Europe , as it happened with the Ukraine.
The net effect can be corroborated by a diplomatic oeuvre with the peace treaty between Russia and Germany which had no overt regrets because every one knew it was a time gap measure to buy more restraint.

This implicit collusion between the two countries is perhaps similar to what our secretary of state is trying to so, when he says he will negotiate with the North Koreans, knowing well the worth of such endeavor would be to the NK’s favor in their repeated, and successful efforts (so far) to buy more time. That just like the Syrian butcher has the Russians Russians backing them, North Korea’s guarantors are the duplicitous Chinese , who live in gross ambiguity of what the Hungarians’ version was with their Gulash Capitalism

The just of it is, that its a waiting game, and I really hate to draw a parallel here but the phony peace prior to WW 2 comes to mind . Hope that doesn’t pan out to be a likely comparison.

After four years of Trump presidency and an age of this thread of almost four years as well, it can be said that Trump has not been dangerous at all. Now there is a new US president, and I consider him much more dangerous than Trump ever could have been.

So the title of a next thread could be “How dangerous is Joe Biden?”.

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