Is Europe dying? G20 ANTIFA

The demonstrations against G7 or G20 are demonstrations against the globalism. And they are violent in every Western country.

If you want to see burning suburbs without any G7 or G20 demonstration, then go to France where suburbs burn every day.

G7 or G20 events are no argument at all for saying “the end of …”.

And by the way: It is more likely that the end of the Western world will come slowly.

Everything that has become is transient. Our Western plutocracy too. It is already fading. According to Oswald A. G. Spengler the plutocrats and its supporters - the democrats - will be defeated by the Caesars. And if our Western culture will not have any Caesar, then the plutocrats themselves will become the Caesars. The Caesarism is unavoidable according to Spengler. So the only alternative to that is the “sudden death” (by a huge catastrophe for example) of the whole culture. But are you seeing that catastrophe at the moment? :wink: