Is everyone who is normal, intelligent or not? last sci

why is it that you all compare and judge?

is by comparing an insight to another, makes you more intelligent?
Can you explain yourself without thinking? that is pretty intelligent if you can.

insight is cognition without recognition.

To see something that is beautiful, even though one has seen it over a thousand times, means you are looking at it totally birth of a new, the mind which is totally silent, and exploding with immensity. The state of mediation.

wtf? is this philosophy or poetry?

With Dan90210 you usually get a blend of philosphy and poetry. That’s why we all keep reading him.

Or is it just me? :confused:


Depends on many things, like do you make sense, do you communicate properly, is the new insight novel, useful, and practical, etc.

Same question as, how loud is an explosion in space? Enough said.

Sorry bro, but your wrong since you need recognition initially of something in order to gain insight into it.

Prove it.

I never think. It’s working out quite well so far.