Is Everything Continuous?

Is Everything Continuous?

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Does Relitivity suggests a continous word? If the world is continuous, I bet there are things in Philosophy that we can change for good.

eternal recurrence




Those imply duality, not continuation. It would imply continuation, however, if you linked all of those groups.



Link up all the “groups”? I thought that’s transcendence!

You think E=mcsquared represents a duality like the debroglie equation? You think you can love and hate a person at the same time? You think despite of being an obvious mammal, you’re also a vegetation of some kind? Do you believe in life after death?

Matter is a highly concentrated form of energy… That would be a thing you would say if you voted “yes”.



This is all pretty sloppy thinking.

Continuity simply means you can trace a line from one point to another. Concretely, in the most positivist format I can think of, if you can run your finger from one point on a surface to another, then that surface is continuous.

now jumping up a little bit in terms Of abstractions, simple dualities aren’t continuous, even With dollar store dialectics. They require too many extra parts to come to the table and smooth them out. In dwelling on a concept, as we’re to do with Hegel, the limitations of the concept come to mind. These limitations then coalesce around an object, which is usually the antithesis of the concept we started with. We then dwell on these two enemies and their movement together and out pops their synthesis. None of this is continuous. you have to get into some other parts of Hegel to find some real continuity. (it’s buried, but its there. Remember john Dewey started his career as a Hegelian). There is still dinscontinuous motion, a stuttering pass between parts - the mind that dwells on the concept, the concept, the limited concept and the concepts together.

This ain’t the greatest explanation of hegel, but fuck it I’ve been up since 5 am and it’s late.

Anyway, your dualities aren’t continuities, they aren’t even really real. The Continuous is the Real, the concrete, the tangible. (And Here’s where Hermes gets REALLY Nominalist on y’all bitchez) All those dualities are abstractions, categories, boxes that the mind creates to remember individual concrete events - ie physical experience without being overwhelmed by the remembering process (like Funes El Memorioso in the short story by Jorge Louis Borges). Because they are fictions you can do with them what you will, you can set them as apriori to all experience if you like, you can build a tree house if you’d prefer. It’s up to you and your culture.

there you go - Capt Hermes’ materialist, nominalist process philosophy neo stoic physics/epistemology Machine For Kids.

Are you and a monkey continuous? According to Darwin, yes!

I think that duality, is an illusion, whose existence fundamentally owns to Contiuation.

Well okay, but these statements are so vague as to be worthless. C’mon and put some damn Specificity in your words people. Explain it.

We have the illusion of duality, e.g. partical/wave theory of light. We do so because we find that light posseses both properties from partical and wave. Instead of thinking that light does so is because that partical and wave is continuous/origined from one being, some of us say that light have a dual nature.

In classical music, some say that Van Beethoven is Classic; some say that the man is Romantic; some come up with the even lamer idea: defining that he is both. Music is in development constantly, from this point of view, Van B was a composer who so enlarged the possibilities of the sonic art, that after him, the classic era faced fast diminishiment. So yes, his work have properties from both eras, but wouldn’t it be better to think and say that he stands on the point where the continuous music development line gets all coiled up, because of the man’s great genius?

In many abstract ideas, things got divided up into pieces. Superfacially, it seems can help to understand and study. Go along with this way, you end up facing a huge wall. To get a ladder, simply find out the connections between the groups that you’ve created. If you don’t think that this is the case, then try to study, say, western music or economics. You’ll soon find out that defining the development of these subjects into discrete eras, doesn’t aid you in understanding the deep truth and concepts of, and within music.

Duality = You are a man and a monkey. Continuation = You are evolved from monkeys (don’t go hardcore evolution on me now, no point). So just take your pick, mate.


Nice. Very nice. I’ve always been amazed and sometimes amused at our ability to say abstract and then treat it like a piece of concrete. The mind isn’t a bag of wondrous goodies, it’s a damned sieve…