is hate a form of love

In order to love certain criteria would have to be recognised. What are those criteria? Are they the same as lust, greed, avarice. If not why is so much emphasis put on love as a good quality to the detriment of those other aspirations? What is the difference between hate and love. A poor person hates the love a rich person has for riches. A rich person hates the poor persons poverty and their supposed love of it. I give up!

Love is your very being. You simply have to let go all the other stuff in order to realise it.


Hi Grace

I really believe that in the positive sense, we are restricted to animal love. There is nothing wrong with it but what separates it from “human” love is its selectivity. It cannot have a love for life itself.

Human love is an attribute of becoming human. The ancient spiritual practices strive to let man develop so as to become himself, expression of real human “being”, in contrast to the worldly attractions resulting in only being enculterated.

Where real love is an attribute of developed human “being” expressing contact with human meaning and purpose, hate is the expression of a misguided opinion of ourselves commonly called egotism. This egotism allows one to “hate” that which doesn’t support this imaginary opinion or self love. Hate has no basis in reality, unconnected with anything deeper while human love is connected with the universal essence.

This “envy” that you describe I see as an example of this egotism and in Buddhism for example is seen as “attachment”. Rather than being separate from it, it becomes us. Where the love for life brings human freedom into being, attachment egotistically defines this freedom selectively through “things” and by remaining “attached” we no longer can become human but remain a “thing”.

nick, I would agree with your comments in the context of “objective” vs “subjective” notions. One of the reasons I disagree with Randian philosophy is it highlights objectivity at the expense of subjectivity. A reliance totally on one or the other indicates to me, mental imbalance.

Love is subjective, of the mind, and precedes every notion arising from the mind, whereas hate, being focussed on an object or thing is objective, as you suggested. My conclusion is that true love, like truth and perfection is unavailable to we humans in any other form than a temporary sensation
under the constant threat of hate. :confused: