Is human knowledge useless compared to the knowledge of God

think about it yes or no simple


What end are we aiming at?

Are you trying to prove God wrong about something (morals and ethics - from whence our reasnoning capabilities are futile compared to God’s)?

Are you applying it to how best to build a car (from whence God knows more, but our knowledge is not useless.)

Please clarify (not for me - but so you understand better the implications of your own question.)

Everything has a “use”. That use might be “useless” though…

What I mean is that you couldn’t come to the conclusion that all other knowledge was useless other than knowledge of God unless you used other knowledge and seen it was useless… So, the question proves it’s own answer.


Otherwise it follows that vicious cycle of YES/NO or is it NO/YES?
So, in effect, your question is useless, or is it?

  1. what does god’s knowledge consist of?

  2. how is god’s knowledge useful to you?

  3. how is god’s knowledge useful to god?

you can’t answer those questions, i dont think. unless you’ve got a secret “in” with the man, god himself. maybe you can say something meaningful about #2 but if you can, boy you’ve certainly got some explaining to do.

human knowledge, to my knowledge (LOL HAHAHAH OMG) is the most useful kind of knowledge.

[size=200]so the answer is: GOOD LORD NO![/size]

hey gods knowledge consists of everything, human knowledge is worthless compared to the knowledge of god and because he does what ever he wants coz he is all knowing

just because you have less of something does not make what you have worthless…and really, what you have it worth a great deal more to you…i.e. Bill Gates has an enormously greater amount of money than I did. My money, though, is still useful as I can purchase various things with it (though not the amount that Bill Gates can). Further, my money is much more useful to me because I actually have it. Really, Bill Gates’ money doesn’t mean anything in terms of mine except for a relative comparison of purchasing power.

I feel like you are getting too hung up on 1/infinite = 0 (our relative knowledge/God’s knowledge is roughly nothing) but failing to see that in the world we live in that 1 can still be fairly significant

I was just about to say something to this effect. I’ll say it anyway. To me god is everything, so to have god’s knowledge would be to know everything. While that would be much more usefull then just knowing some things. Just knowing some things is still usefull, only to a lesser extent of knowing everything.