Is identity/sexuality/gender innate?

Recent findings in genomic research suggest that more traits are genetically endowed that was thought about 5 years ago. However the findings also indicate that innate aspects, traits, qualities and so on are flexible, subject to change and influence, more so than has been believed previously.

Not that I like the phrase but the ‘nature/nurture debate’ has often presumed that what is innate is unchanging, and unchangeable (except by meddling with the genetic structure) and what is nurtured is subject to change as soon as one is freed from whatever influence brings about that nurturing.

I was thinking about this the other night actually. The female, male brain… I came to the conclusion since our society has been evolving towards no real justification between the male, and female role. We are reaching a point where there is no real difference between female minds, and male. I think that possibily a point will come where there shall relatively be no difference between females and males except for physically. Theres a a Jung typoligy test where you can find out if you have a male dominant or female dominant brain. Its not hard to find online if you want to check it out, I thinks its a Jung test… Anyways I don’t put too much faith a test such as this, but it serves as a bit of fun, and to show that the classic female views, and classic male views, are not so divided anymore.

Of course I wouldn’t deny for a second that elements of gender difference are socially/culturally created. I just think the apparent flexibility of the genome indicates a way back in for innateness.

I’ll have a look for the test - it sounds Jungian. Of course such tests are always open to criticism, but I’ll be interested to see how accurate it is.

As to us reaching a point where there’s ‘no real difference’ - I’d say we’ve eradicated a lot of the nonsense surrounding gender differentiation, but I think we’ll always differentiate to some extent.