Is it bad to not eat?

So I am fat and really eager to lose weight so i have been just eating one meal a day and sometimes nothing in a day… why is this such a bad idea?

It is causing your motabilism to rise and fall. You starve your body it kicks in hormones that causes you to store fat not lose it. Your body thinks its going into winter mode where there is less food, so it stores more fat. Sorry I don’t have the technical words.

Just do like 100 things that are all supposed to be healthy and it’ll cumulatively add up to a net loss. Drink lots of water. Don’t eat before bed. Exercise. Avoid sugar and too many carbs. Think about what you’re eating. Trading one kind of sickness for another is not the way to good health.

Ive lost 20 pounds since i started doing this

Buddhist monks traditionally eat only one meal a day. The three-meals a day concept proly comes from either the slave and agriculture period or else the industrial-worker period?

Congratulations on losing that weight you’ve been wanting to.

(Guessing from the defensive rationalizations kriswest reacted with, we can surmise she carries a few extra stone…)

There is no problem eating just one meal per day (Contrary to popular belief, meal timing and frequency are irrelevant.)

The problem is that you’re probably not eating as much as you need to eat.
In reality you don’t want to loose weight. You want to loose fat and preserve as much lean tissue as possible. At least that’s what you should be aiming for.

Here’s how you loose weight in a healthy manner:

1- Calculate how many calories you need to maintain your weight.
2- Subtract 500 calories to that. Example: Maintenance calories: 3000, Cutting Calories: 3000-500 = 2500.
3- Eat 2500 calories every day. Try to loose a pound per week. No more then that. Adjust your calories accordingly.

Macros: Try to aim for 0.8 grams for protein for 1 pound of body weight.
Calculate carbs and fats after that.
Make sure you’re consuming an adequate amount of fiber.

Fats are not bad.

On that topic, there are no bad foods. Learn about something called IIFYM (If it fits your macros).

Research shows that fad diets and extreme diets like the one you’re doing do not work in the long run.

It’s bad for your health to diet for any period of more than 18 hours as you can go into starvation modes, where quick energy sources such as protein and sugars are used instead of fat. The body is basically designed to put on weight in our history, so when you limit your calorie intake for 24 hour periods as you have, it puts an immense strain on your system. The best way to go about it is to exercise sometime after meals, have 3 smaller or less calorific meals a day, that will put your body under less stress. It might not be as quick but you will do less harm to yourself in the long term: I lost 42lbs in 3 months by doing hill walking and cycling and limiting my meals, it was ruddy hard work, but it was healthy and my mood was much better than it would be if I was just counting the hours to when I could eat again. Make sure you work up to hill walking though, don’t just go mountain climbing straight away. I really enjoyed the exercise after about a month and I missed days I couldn’t when it was raining, even risking going out in the rain to avoid missing too much exercise.

For example starving yourself can make you irritable and make the whole process a chore. And often when normal diet resumes you end up putting the weight on again anyway.

Use wise practice, once you are used to limiting calorie intake sensibly without tortuous cravings, you will find when you cease the diet it is much easier to keep the weight down. Oh and don’t do high impact intense exercise, the body burns more fat when your heart rate is less than about 140bpm, running is a terrible idea as you will mostly just burn of your bodies glycogen/carbohydrate reserves leaving you absolutely starving and not any leaner. Good luck by the way, it’s bloody hard work losing weight, but a few simple tips can make it less of a struggle and your weight loss more effective in the long term and better for your health. And treat yourself to something you really crave say once a week, to reward yourself for being good, it doesn’t all have to be no pain no gain.

Although you may lose fat, there may be other undesirable side effects such as raised blood pressure or increased risk of diabetes. A variety of scientific studies have produced a range of results. … o_we_do_it

I heard of this practice called “fasting”, I’m not sure if it relates to this concept of ‘not eating’? It’s practiced by billions of people all over the world, here’s a link about it, I’m pretty sure it’s safe, healthy and normal, but only for spiritual people: Americans and materialists should eat at least three times every day, and lots!

I listened to a podcast today that said something like that. That doesn’t make it true, obviously, but it’s an intriguing idea.

I think the basic concept is this, Abstract:
If you eat abnormally small amounts of food, your body can start “preparing for a famine” or “preparing for winter” so to speak. Some theorize, you see, that we’ve evolved to have our bodies process food differently in different circumstances or environments – and when fat and calories are dangerously low in the environment (read ‘in your diet’, as you create your ‘dietary environment’ by what you eat now, it’s no longer determined solely by your actual environment), then your body will treat them more preciously – as Kriswest said, store them.

Of course, if you’re eating as little as you are, you’ll lose weight in the short term, but what you’ll find if you read about people who lose weight fast like this is that they gain it back fast – that’s the body training itself to store fat more efficiently, as Kriswest said. I’ve read loads and loads about people who lost a lot of weight and then just put it right back on. This is what you may be setting your body up for – a short-term weight-loss, with a devastatingly rapid weight gain to follow (unless you’re planning on starving yourself your whole life).

Volchok gave relatively good advice, I think. Counter-intuitively, if the above theory is true, you have to eat fat to lose fat – if your body has a regular, healthy intake of fat, it won’t treat it as precious, it will treat it like it’s supposed to be treated – as disposable energy. That way, when you work out, you’ll lose the fat you ate plus some, ideally (as Volchok points out, you must still eat a lower amount of calories than you spend in a day for this to work, but not drastically lower, lest you signal to your body that it’s famine-or-winter-time and it starts storing fat more efficiently).

So, eat fat, eat meat, eat chicken and beef and ox-tail and lamb. Eat fruit and vegetables. Eat up. And go work it off (perhaps look into a workout regimen known as Crossfit for ideas on how to most efficiently work it off).

fyi I’m eating one normal sized meal a day not one big one.

So what do you want from us?

Bad idea though, as Kriswest says what do you want from us? A get slim quick remedy that will damage your health and ultimately prove futile, or a sensible diet that wont but means you lose weight more slowly?

First focus on being healthy regardless of weight.
Otherwise, IF YOU CAN MAINTAIN one meal a day (or less), DO IT.
Ensure that whatever you are eating isn’t starving you of the essentials, “vita-mins”.

Also, it would help if you got fully involved in some other activity.
Falling in love is a great way to get there. :wink:


No don’t eat one meal a day it’s pointless, and just leaves the whole process of, weight loss, as starving, and as a complete chore. If it works for you my ass. The Atkins diet works but since it can cause damage to many of your organs, 'cause its fucking stupid, does not mean you should try it 'cause you lose weight for losing weight for you.

I personally know 3 women who under my care, lost and kept off over 100 lbs.
They didn’t even know how much they were or were not eating.
But I did.

Did you brainwash them via teh sex?

How can anyone not know what they were or were not eating? Unless of course you are David Koresh and they are easily lead morons?

James no offense but don’t tell people to crash diet it’s significantly less likely to help than a sensible diet. Even if in your world they all became size 0 super models. 'Tis not sensible or science.

I think that your idea of “sensible” isn’t, especially sense those women not only succeeded, but one of them happens to be a professor at a major university.

And as far as “brainwashing”, I merely kept them busy such that they never thought about their weight. They had better things to contemplate and involve their senses. Each of them became far more healthy than they were before. The most outstanding went from 380 lbs down to 165 lbs in a very short time. I would show you her pictures of before and after, except for the personal privacy issues. She is stunningly pretty, but her own mother’s comment was, “yeah, but you can’t make a silk pursue out of a sow’s ear”.

There are greater things going on in the world than what you hear “Science say”.

Don’t put any more into your body than what your body can properly process… if you can manage that in today’s environment.

There are greater things going on in the world than what your anecdotes say too, but they are usually backed by case studies and research. I did this therefore it’s true, nah that’s not going to convince anyone unless you set up the JSSaint clinic and it constantly works, and it doesn’t lead to unrealistic ambitions, weight problems further down the line, and a decent basis for believing it is a long term strategy. Fat women can become professors too, you fatist. :wink:

Interestingly though: keeping them busy such as exercising, or, keeping them busy such as teh sex?