Is it possible to live a life without attachments?

When I say attachments, I mean the need to identify oneself through relationships, beliefs, thoughts, religions, race, culture, patriotism…etc, etc…

So, is it possible to live a life without attachments?

Another question, is it realistic to think we can reach a point of “What Is” without having any attachments or is this just another point where someone substitutes one illusion for another?

I am new here, so I don’t know if you guys have covered this before. :smiley:

I think it would be possible, but very sad. Nothing to live for, and nothing to do. Would be like a sad turtle or something.

been reading Kirshnamurti havnt you? lol… I dissagree with him I think what he says in unnatural to live without attachments to anything simply being the “observer and the observed” as he puts it. I think love is an atachment and he failed to convince or show me how it is not. Love is a connection that attaches you to someone else. You love your spouse, you love your child. You are attached to your child through love thats what makes you love and tolerate your brat and cringe at someone elses little monster.

You can talk spirtuality all you want and ways to cease all conflict, but I personally cannot envision a life without conflict. I see conflict evrywhere, even inside our own bodies our cells are always in conflict fighting disease and what not. To simply observe it for “what it is” where will that bring you? Perhaps you can say well we are all simply out of harmony which is why we are in conflict. I happen to dissagree because I have never seen nature in perfect harmony or the world. Whether or not we exist to disrupt nature or not there never was and never will be “harmony”. Just think of the dinasoars no people around back then right? I don’t know if you guys are following me here but those are my two cents.

To me attachments to ones family for example is what brings a person the greatest “false sense” of security and I’ll take it in this godforsaken world, I don’t have anything else to lean on. And It is one illusion subsitute for another as you put it. Because I would challenge you to show me one person without attachments, even Krishnamurti himself.

hahahaha! Yes very much a krishnamurti reader, which has lead me to my questions and what a great place to ask!! :wink:

Personally, this is not so much spiritual then it is about breaking illusions that so many of us have. Dwelving inot oneself to uncover the reasons of thoughts & beliefs.

I have a question for you, you see love as an attachment, if this is true would it be considered love? We all know that love has taken on so many connotations that the whole idea surrounding love has been most likely misconstured, So then, is it possible to have love without the “so-called” attachments?

Also, I would have to agree, that there are so few people who can live without any form of attachments, but I do think it can be achieved by living life consciously.

When I think of love I tend to think of putting someone else before oneself. Love I think is basicly caring and making someone else happy, if be it require pain, sorrow no matter you’ll do it in order to achieve the end of making the one you love cared for, feeling unique, needed, important & hopefully happy.
I believe the greatest human need is the need to be needed. That is what love and caring for someone provides one with. This however is attachment, wouldn’t you agree? Your connected to someone through love. You have a diffrent relationship with a stranger then with your spouse because of love and it is love that attaches you to your spouse. “Love is a word implying a connection” -Matrix Revolutions. So yes I do see love as attachment. And when someone I love dies I feel a loss for “myself” as Krishnamurti points out because I lost someone that needed me and vice versa, in this world at least.

Tell me by what definition I should think of love and show me how it is possible. For I truthfully do not see how it can be.

How would you go about this? You would have to erase and try to step away from all your conditioning right? However, why are you doing this? Due to another form of conditioning. You read Krishnamurti and that book influenced you to try to live without being influenced by anything. You see how your going around in a circle. I do not see a basis for “total freedom” in this world. Because in retrospect you will always find some cause.

To be totally conscious simply observing your own conditioning does not make you free, simply self-aware.

Ok, I think I undderstand where you are coming from. You have said that you believe that the grestest human need is to be needed, would you not see this as an illusion? Beliefs are just what they are beliefs, there are no facts attached to them, what they require is some sort of faith of an outside element, no?

Unfortunately, I cannot explain to you what love is because love is a state. Love is the extension of self in the direction of want, hence love is provision. If one were to extend themselves to another that they want but are not clear of their own intention (wants), would it not be then trying to fulfill a need? This is surely apprent in most unions we see and we reflect what is out there, like mirros.

Had I not experienced this first hand, I would never have understood what living without attachments meant. Unfortunately, it is hard to do, so courage in required.

I would think the key here is not to step away from all you know (conditioning), but to understand and accept what you are. Not easy at all. :wink:

Here we both are, seeking someone to talk to, to debate on subjects our ‘normal’ life can’t provide.

Do we all live in the dark, and we enter these internet sight just shouting out ‘hello’ to each other. (Please keep shouting out, I need to know there are other people who ask the same questions as I do!)…

Attachments to people are what makes life worth living for me. But the word ‘love’ is just one word and, in my experience, the loves of my life are so very different that one word can hardly describe them all. (There is one race -is it Eskimo- which have a huge number of words for ‘snow’)

Tanis wrote:

Have you not realized you are attached to the idea of trying to live without any attachments?

It is like the buddhist idea of freeing yourself of all desire. As my cousin pointed out trying to free themselves of all desire in turn becomes their biggest desire.


ITS CATCH 22[/b]

Having no attachments is almost impossible. What is possible to value the attachments not to much. Being consious that the attachments you have, could be gone in a moment. So don’t be to attached to your attachments. It makes you dependent, and not able to be free.

Love is not ‘attachment’, or ‘being needed’; It transcends both of these. Krishnamurti is probably my favorite Eastern thinker.

I believe your’e thinking that “having no attachments” means that you have to repel yourself from feelings like love. I interpret having no attachments as letting things come and go. Not holding on to love when it is obviously over. Accepting feelings and letting go of feelings. In this case there is no desire to “have no attachments”. If anyone doesnt follow me I’ll explain upon one’s request.


It’s our attachments that identify us. If we don’t have attachments we won’t have any identity. Remember when we lose something dear we can lose our identity. We have to re-create our identity or we’d die because no one can live without an identity or attachment. This attachment can be of any kind though. It could be physical, mental, activity or hobby oriented, food, things, etc. It does not have to be for another person and doesn’t have to be falling in love actually, it could be for an activity that you love doing like analyzing, gardening etc. For example you could love gardening very much and lose yourself in it, or you could love reading or writing or being at the computer philosophizing - heh, heh, heh! Etc.

So living without attachments in my view is not possible because attachment is not something ‘you choose, it chooses you.’ They say, “You don’t choose love, it chooses you,” I think it’s the same for any kind of attachment too. You might start to love going for walks, writing poetry etc., and because it happens slowly but surely so before you know it you’re very attached to the activity or someone. Whatever…

Is the arm attached to the body? What would an arm be without the body, and a body with its arm? I think humans are made, designed, evolved or whatever, to be attached. It is like walking a road alone, or walking a trail together with another, a trail that you otherwise will not or cannot walk.