Is it Possible to not be a hypocrite?

Another question from The Question:

Is it possible to live by your own ideals at all times or are we all hypocrites at one time or the other?

No… I mean even if you were really good at it… you still would have done it as a kid.

A better question might be something like… ‘How close can we come to this impossible ideal?’

it is plain impossible to never be called a hypocrite. especially if you aren’t particular about whom you talk to.

Show me someone who tells himself and the world he is always honest and open with his opinions and I’ll show you the biggest hypocrite of them all.

Only a moron would take ‘civility’ as being anything but social makeup meant to preserve a sense of belonging and communion in a world of diversity and opposition.

What people often refer to as a “hypocrite’ is someone who is so consciously and with full awareness.
The ‘honest’, ‘genuine’ ones are the ones that are lying even when they think they are speaking the truth.

Hypocrisy isn’t only a strategy it is a necessity.
Nobody can tolerate complete disclosure from the other.
Relationships are built on selective disclosure, often called intimacy, which preserves the mutually dependant unity.

I, personally, can understand a conscious hypocrite. There’s a logic behind his motive, a reasoned action.

What is pathetic is a hypocrite to ones self.
He finds reality so obscene and threatening he cannot even admit it to himself. He finds him self so miserable and weak, he protects it from itself with lies that linger in the subconscious waiting for someone, like me, to tickle them back into consciousness.

Can you imagine how much hate, even within all their loving, selfless reality, such creatures would have for that …tickler? :evilfun:

I suppose that’s true. The concious mind can try to lasso the bredth of the psyche, but it’s a foolish thing to try.

And are not all these mental ailments and stresses a result of the consciousness trying to bring itself under control?
Are not prisons filled with those that failed?

Well, I usually link prisons to poverty but I see where you’re going.

Consider this: In Aristotle’s Politics he says that justice requires exceptions in particular cases. If I run my ethics that way, I can let my principles go on a time for time basis, for the sake of a greater good.


ii) Don’t just ask questions. Bring something to the discussion.

Asking “WOAH…LIKE…COULD WE BE LIKE…IN THE MATRIX???” does not make you a philosopher. Honestly. Asking questions is great, as long as you have studied to some extent the topic that you are talking about. Have the decency to go and read some philosophy before asking questions that any old schmoe could ask. There’s no need to try and look cleverer than you actually are, this isn’t a contest. We’re here to educate and be educated.


Hold on there, Imp.

What, do you have a problem with the questions I’m asking? Do find them inferior in some way?

It is true that I haven’t read all that much philosophy. Hell, to tell you the truth I’m a High School senior whose only scholarly experience with philosophy was a Intro to Philosophy class a few months ago. I’m of the opinion that all you need to be a philosopher is a brain and the will to think, but if you find me uneducated, then by all means, tell me, o great teacher, what shall you have me go and read?

I’m not doing this to look cool or smart, I’m doing this because I love to think, and I will continue to do so.

Stop that ticklin’ willya, tryin’ to sleep over here…

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He has a point… you shouldn’t just ask a question, but at the same time… sometimes that’s all you can write… thats fine, but it’ll end up in mundane instead of philosophy


it is like og said, I simply am posting the rules. asking a question is great, but try to answer your question before you ask it, or ask your question and add a few lines about your opinion of the question… that is if you want it to remain in the philosophy section…


Well I usually let other people answer first and then give my opinion. I like others to have their say. Anyway, sorry about that, I just had a bad day.