Is it wrong to imagine doing something evil?

Now its important to stress; You just think it, you dont do it.

Is it wrong?

Just because stress is important in our life does not mean that thinking evil thoughts and putting ourself under stress that way is ok, no it’s not ok. However, the fact that our circumstances have brought us to thinking evil of another or something means that it has to be justified somewhere. So, thinking evil cannot be wrong unless that thinking has no basis and is psychopathic.

As to actually doing evil, I’d suggest that we give ourself time, say a year before we think of suicide or doing some other evil and if things don’t change by then, then don’t do any evil but find a way to remove ourself from that thing or person responsible in our harbouring evil thoughts. This way we also find a way to “stress” ourself in another way and this stress will even provide a solution to our predicament. Heh! Heh! Heh!

Assuming we have free will, I do not believe one could choose to commit an ‘evil’ act without having first thought of it.

One could argue that, if one has no choice, then nothing is truly evil, all simply “is”.

So, for an act to be evil, requiring that it first be thought, the thought itself is not evil… it is an option… plan B… that sort of thing. It only becomes 'evil" when acted upon, because when one acts upon a thought one chooses to assert their will in furtherance of the thought.

No, an evil thought is still an evil thought it cannot in any way be called ordinary or not evil. The difference is that, that evil thought when not acted upon remains in memory and so does not become reality. But the thought is still evil in content.

Sure you can. You come home early, see your wife in bed with another man. You also see the gun which you had conveniently left on the table. 2 shots, 2 murders. You didn’t think about it (unless you are counting that split second decision), but I don’t think that means that you didn’t freely choose it.

Evil thoughts may come a cross ones mind in a somewhile. Altough the thought itself is evil it’s not a sin or/and punishable if you consider the (direct) effect of it. However it must be noted that these thought are as dangers as evil writings; they should be put away. It’s an inner battle of good and evil. May some consider the though of stealing a bank reasonable while other may consider the thinking of watching pornographic material as evil.

So people don’t have a mutual policy on what’s right and what’s wrong (obviously).

The Abrahamic religions believe that some thoughts are instilled by the devil. He whisphers mostly evil ideas most of them very indirectly. it depends on what kind of situation the man or woman is in.

Eitherway, evil thoughts will come across our minds. Now the trick is to reduce the amount of evil thoughts by refuting them logically. So the saying: “First think before you act” is very applicable. Although I’m not a psychologist the dangers of having evil though must be known. In most cases evil actings start with (according you) reasonable thoughts. Step by step you will find yourself commiting something evil. From the moment you had a thought about the related evil acting is sounded reasonable to continue to act upon your thought till the moment arrives when you: “I never thought I was capable of doing that.”

I would argue that to pick up a gun requires conscious effort. if not, everyone would pick up guns when they saw them.

Can someone be so angry or emotional as to ignore their thoughts… sure. that doesn’t mean the thought never happened, but that it was ignored.

Lets say that I think to myself that I should physically assault a woman. In an of itself, that sounds evil to me… a man assaulting a woman… now lets say i think that as I watch the woman chase several children while holding a large knife in her hands as she screams “back to hell, you demonspawn!”

The thought is relative to the situation, the act is relative only to itself.

according to some near death experiences you get judged on everything you have ever done, thought and the implications each action or thought had on people around you. so in the end it would seem it does matter - apoc

Now ive had time to thiink more deeply-

It can be a good thing to think evil thoughts then they may prevent them comming to reality.

We should think evil thoughts!

But we should never manifest them into reality.

Do you have control over your thoughts? If you dream of having sex with your mother did you will this dream, or thought?

Are dreams conscious thoughts?

If they aren’t, if i cannot control my dreams does not really effect whether or not i can control conscious thoughts.

What distincition is there between your conscious imagination and a dream? If you could put it into words for me I’d really appreciate it because although I suppose there should be one I really cannot articulate it.

I’ll stick to conscious thoughts for the time being though. Several days ago I was driving my car with a few people in it and the thought “popped” into my head to ram my car into the barrior adjacent to me. Where this thought came from I know not, just as I do not know where my other ideas orginate from. (Perhaps a collective subconscious.) Nevertheless the thought came, and the question is can this thought have been considered evil? The action certainly according to our societies and my own moral ideals would have been considered evil, but what about the thought?

Think of the psychology of a person who thinks an evil act and of one who commits an evil act. Can one who only thought the act have the same moral and psychological consequences as one who commited the act? For example, givin that one has a conscience then one is only tormented when he commits murder not when he thinks about commiting murder, or at minimum never to the same extent. Moral torment is the result of the commited action that the individual finds immoral. While the proper response to an evil thought is more likely to be surprise, curiosity, repugnance, perhaps even joy depending on the character.

Our thoughts give us a choice. We can either act upon them or not. We judge our own morality based upon the choices we make not the thoughts we have. The same for good deeds. In a presupposition of a religious context do you suppose one is rewarded for wishing humanity well or for helping humanity with good deeds–“How great the spirit of man, how small are his deeds”.

In my opinion it would be wise to try to avoid evil thoughts that one is conscious of fabricating because as Napoleon Hill said “Man becomes what he thinks about most of the time”. And even beyond conscious thoughts we must be aware of our subconscious life as well. For I believe that the subconscious also has a dramtic influence upon our behavior.

What distincition is there between your conscious imagination and a dream? If you could put it into words for me I’d really appreciate it because although I suppose there should be one I really cannot articulate it.