Is Judas a hero ?

If the new findings of Book of Judas will correct a long time error, then we must have thought wrongly about him.
What will church or the pope, response to this? Even though they had persecuted and slander many important figures that years to come, like Spinoza, Descartes, Galieo?

There was one thing that got to me, from the post of book of Judas.
Judas betray or sacrifice Jesus for the greater good.
As like the saying of Abraham to his son Issac in the ritual for sacrificing a lamb , " You must choose the one you love the most, in order to make a sacrifice to God"

…Always believing what others believe. One sheep follows the other sheep. If one sheep jumps off the cliff, the whole flock follows…In buddhism, Lotus Sutra, after the founder dies, the next age to come is the counterfeit age, then the age of degeneration and decaying of the religon

Its an interesting theory to thing about that way too many people will simply dissmiss. I mean even Lucifer was an angel once.

Also I mean technically, no Judas, no christianity ya know. Someone had to do it, it was part of God’s “ultimate plan” so how can we condemn him, I guess it comes down to free will and whether that exists, but I mean, God must have known that someone would betray Jesus, or his sending him down to save us gig wouldn’t have worked… does that make sense???
But… didn’t Judas commit suicide, isn’t he therefore damned anyway?


It may be simply a matter of timing. Jesus knew what was to be and the final esoteric preprations were being made at the Last Supper. There was this unfortunate possibility that The guards could come too early leaving some matters unfinished and all sorts of fighting could also break causing great harm to many including people just visiting. Judas had to stall it off to an agreed time making the surrender as easy as possible and allowing to be completed what was necessary to be done.

Yes, this is the natural progression assuring the infestation of the teaching with “experts.”

I disagree. Any idea that Christianity would collapse because Judas was told by Jesus to betray him is ludicrous. Jesus still made the sacrifice of his own accord.

not cos jesus told judas to betray him, just because if Judas (ora Judas equivalent) didn’t betray him, there would have been no sacrifice

You are utterly missing the point of the book, as is most of Christianity.

It was not a “sacrifice”, that is the reason that Judas was the perceived by the Gnostics, (from Greek gnosis, “having knowledge”), it was spiritual liberation, setting the spirit of divinity free from the flesh, the vessel. It was intended as a learning tool, not of orthodoxy, but inclined by mysticism.

Would you betray someone you seen raising the dead, and healing everyone, for 10 thousand dollars today?

he had to have been stupid or greedy to the highest degree. Or there is more to the story we haven’t known.

judas would have loved money more than his eternal future to do such a thing.

Judas was profoundly in love with God, i think free Jesus gave himself to the cross as He choose God all that sacrifice argument of faith source would have any sense if Jesus felt betrailed, i think judas had a mission from jesus with this agreement he talked to powership figures, i think because jesus was very depressed the last day he put the blame on judas and this good heart felt guilty as well.

Even Peter denied Jesus when he felt his life was on the line, and things were going to pot. To assume that Judas knew that Jesus would magically rescue Himself somehow from death, knew strongly enough to bring him into the hands of his enemies, gives him an inhuman amount of credit.
Also, his act led him to kill himself. Why would someone with this insane degree of confidence in Jesus’ ability to save Himself do a complete 180 and committ suicide before he could see if his wager paid off?
Also, why accept payment? Jesus’ treatment of the moneychangers in the temple must have been a humbling sight/story. To accept a cash reward for what he did would be supremely wretched, even if he thought turning him in was the right thing to do.
Finally, the book is a heresey, and was burned as such. It has a strong credibility issue that needs to be overcome, and “Holy crap we found one that didn’t get burned” does nothing to overcome it.

This is my conception of Judas thus far after hearing the new foundings of Judas.

Judas and Jesus, only ones discussing something, before the passover. Jesus told Judas to betray him. What will be a good plan to betray Jesus? Acting. Judas acted that he was betraying Jesus, in order to get the Sadduces to believe.
Next, Judas love Jesus so much he will do anything. perhaps, Jesus then said , you will be the one who will sacrifice the lamb for the greater good. And your brothers and the world will hate you and curse you for 1000 years. Then, said to him, you must go hang yourself, for the plan to be executed.

Now, the 1000 years is up, someone found th writings of Judas. His cursed and blamed will be lifted.


Not if this was false, why would God let this document exist and blasphem the bible. Unless Satan is really not that lazy at all, he actually did something, instead of talking and tempting.