Is knowledge also a belief?

Like I said: Understanding in a very primitive sense does not mean what we understand when we use the word “understanding” in a human sense. Remember: Your thread is about belief and knowledge; and an amoeb does not need to understand what information means (you should not always confuse all living beings with human beings!), it does not need to believe or to know in order to be informed in the sense of “being in form”. “Information” originally comes from “being in form” (there is no need of belief and knowledge). Do you understand that?

You asked me what the common root is. I have given you the answer several times, but you have not understood it, and that is the problem, your problem.

Stones do not beleive and not know. Primitive living beings do not beleive and not know, but they are „in form“ (they live) without believing and knowing it.