Is knowledge also a belief?


Are you sure that you agree?

That is - again - not true. I gave you an advice (“you should not always confuse all living beings with human beings!”) but did not say that you stated this or that. Giving an advice does not necessarily mean that a statement was given in a text (in your case: your text in your posts) but that in could be in your thoughts. Note the subjunctive - “should”, “could” - in my sentences.

I think that you are confusing all living beings with human beings in your thoughts, not necessarily in your posted statements. Do you know the distinction (difference) of your thoughts and your posted statements? I am trying to understand why you are writing so much nonsense. Now my conlusion is: Your statements or your thoughts or both your statements and your thoughts are false - but never none of them.

The reverse is true. “Being informed” can but does not necessarily mean “understanding”. “Being informed” and “being in form” (it is like: “to live”) belong together, and this has primarily nothing to do with your interpretation of “understanding”. A cell does not need to humanly understand its information.

Remember: Your thread is about belief and knowledge. A cell does not have a belief and a knowledge in the sense that you mean. The “belief” and the “knowledge” of a cell are the same: information (coming in form, being in formed, being in form) in a primitive sense which means without understanding and all other mental processes an anthropocentric human being always hastily interprets into all living beings.