Is Modern-Day Praying Really OK?


So are you saying that it wouldn’t be? I think that we sometimes have to seek a balance and perhaps being a cold-hearted asshole for a time might be part of that seeking until we find some balance in taking care of our self. If someone is constantly being taken for granted and abused because of their sentimentality of needing to be nice and their inability to say ‘no’ - then, being a cold hearted asshole is taking care of one’s self. Of course, that phrase would be according to the perception of the one who was really the cold hearted asshole and took advantage constantly.

There comes a point after a time when balance is reached and where a more effective discriminate consciousness takes over and one does not have to be an asshole or a doormat…where one’s actions are more in accord with “to do no harm”. At times, that takes giving a ‘yes’ and at other times, a firm ‘no’.

It’s possible that very often being ‘selfish’ is more for the common good but we don’t see it that way because in our desire to be helpful and to be ‘nice’, (which could simply be a form of wanting to feel good and an attention getter), we cause more harm because we become the crutches for a person who needs to learn that he is capable of and must walk on his own.

yes, again I agree.

I am really reacting to people who do not care how their actions affect other people, or at least pretend to. Who are cut off, most likely, from real intimacy. From the outside such a, for example, stock broker, can look successful - makes money, has the house, even the showcase wife and kids. He may even think he is happy as he rides over people, backstabs and keeps a cold distance. In fact the nice people you are talking about above can look at this kind of guy and be afraid that if they moved through life with more confidence and self-care, they would be like him. But in truth they wouldn’t be. To me it often seems like people think such a man is effectively being selfish, when to me he has an impovrished life.