Is our perception/imagination limited?

I mean, is it possible that there is something beyond what we can see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and imagine? Something beyond everything we know? Something beyond this reality that we don’t have the ability to comprehend?

If so, then why bother studying philosophy at all if we can never know or imagine “everything” that truly “is”?

Also is it possible that our perception on everything could be wrong/inaccurate?

When you say ‘this reality’ you are inferring that there is more than one reality ~ how can that be so? Reality must be entire, otherwise you have ‘realities’ within it, but that would then just be things within reality.

As to the rest of your question, the senses are limited to physical phenomenon, though I wouldn’t say the imagination is.

Philosophy can deal with both. I struggle to see where there is necessarily a limit.

Why eat a delicious cake if we can’t eat all the delicious cakes in the world ?

Ok, maybe I should have worded in a little better…

The average human has poor cognitive abilities, and unable to precive much around them. It’s like when someone is talking a strange language, one has to be schooled in perspective language to understand it, and takes much training in order to dechipher it.

Many people has the desire for interaction with others, but too often ends in just a cozy chat rather than modern western philosophy that relies factual knowledge and science.

Yes, this is all possible.

That would appear one thing that philosophy might point out to you.

Yes and No. What you experience is what you get, what you take it as or attribute it to is a different issue.

“This reality” means our shared reality. It could refer to a concentration camp.

I’m not so sure reality “must be entire”. That seems to suggests it has definite boundaries. Can that really be said? If reality has definite boundaries, isn’t there definitely something beyond those boundaries? Something unreal, perhaps.

A coin lands on heads or tails. Two alternate states. Is one state beyond the boundaries of the other? If so, I would agree that there is something beyond the reality. That being unreality. However, if one were to say that both states are part of the same system (coin), then there is no boundary defined, but rather inclusion.

Well what do we have to compare it to?

Other peoples perceptions and imaginations.

Sometimes words don’t portray my meaning, by ‘entire’ I didn’t mean complete or absolute, I just meant that there is one reality [which includes illusion, the mental the physical etc]. infinity [not the math] is entire, yet unbounded or unlimited.