Is Our Reasoning the Cause of Our Behavior?

Why do we question anything, and is our reasoning the cause of our behavior?

I think the question that really drives people crazy is, “What should I do?”

Why do we question the universe? So we can decide what we should do.

Why do we want to know what we should do? Because we have to do something.

The stress of freedom… (We have to define ourselves because we exist.)

Questioning is a sign of intelligent caring - in order to know ourselves and the world around us - to make sense of it.
Our reasoning is [only] the cause of our behavior if we reason first of all. Sometimes a [lack] of reasoning is the cause of our behavior.

Well, then, those people ought to stop asking their self that question…that is, if it drives them crazy.
The word ‘should’ doesn’t even have to enter into it. Very often, it IS when we think/feel we ‘should’ do a particular something when we go in a direction which is not right for us…we go in a direction which is right for others, but not for ourselves. It is a moral word but not particularly based on reason and logic according to our own personal needs.

Aside from that, when we take the time to ask our self that question - to hear our selves asking the question “What might I do” - it may help us to realize that we need to take our time to figure it out…and especially to [bracket] our thinking - each situation is different and calls for a tabula rasa of the mind so to speak - in other words, the question must be answered as if the situation has arisen for the very first time and not be influenced by the past.

You mean the universe within? Or the universe without? Wouldn’t that be the same as asking god what to do?

Because we’ve been conditioned to ‘believe’ that we ‘should’ do something. Sometimes ‘doing nothing’ is actually better than doing something albeit it can be much more difficult refraining from action…which is action in itself.

I wonder - is genuine freedom stressful? I would think that actual freedom comes with a sense of stillness and transquility. The stress comes from the conflict.
We think we have to define ourselves because we exist. :laughing: Sometimes simply ‘being’ lends itself to freedom. What is there then to be defined?
But I do know what you mean.

This is sad.
The mind of man is evolving to perform a function. Every environmental acquisition system of a living organism must acquire something from the environment, process that which it has acquired, for a product that maintains and promotes the life of that creature.

It should be clear, since the human mind is not doing its job, or not very well, that the reason is because it has not yet come unto its own.

Are you aware that this fact about man, that his mind is evolving towards doing its job of reasoing, is the main premise of the Judeo-Christian Scripture, in fact, the reason the text is sealed to man’s understanding is because man has not, can not use basic principles of reasoning in order to process even what he reads.

Freedom relates to human will, and until the human mind is functioning on a better level than what it is at the moment, man does not have will, even though he does what he pleases. Will is the product of an environmental acquisition system.