Is Self-Righteousness Wrong?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, guys: we have all, at times, given ourselves an artficial-boost of self esteem by comparing ourselves to others.

I find that Self-Righteoussness can quickly become an addictive, almost-subconciouss habit.

For example, one issue I have personally been struggling with is:

I personaly hold religious beliefs that declare self-rightousness to be a form of “sin” (if done excessively).

However, I’m curious to see how other members here view the topic of Self-Righteoussness (from a non-religious perspective). Do you guys think it is wrong to be self-righteous? Why or why not?

Is it harmfull to ourselves to boost of self-esteem, even if it requires that we take on a less-than-accurate view of our ownself?


my simple view:self-rightousness is OK if you truly are that you would not become lofty i guess. man,i think i speak for everyone when i say we dont get enough praise or encouragement or words at the right time,and we end up being our oun best comfort,cuz we know which words we need.

i mean,others would have to be empathic…

yes but its very tricky, you are usually hardly ever self righteous even if you think you are, so be careful because as you judge you will be judged.

I’ve been through this and I think its not doing anything positive for me. In relation to other people, it can be a repellant to some. I’ve made the unfortunate (albeit youthful) mistake of embracing my “exercised young man states” and trying to assert that, through logic, I am correct, on numerous occasions.

I’ve recently embraced a tampered with idea of subjective relativism and try to remind myself that one’s perspective or behavior will differ from others and there is no absolute reference as to what is correct or not.

Thus, finding a temporary way ignoring the problem. I’d like to know what exactly causes one to become self-rightousness, that is where my attention is right now.

I think it’s more biological than many people think. Cocky guys are the ones that attract women; not too many girls want the guy who fumbles around incompatently. And I mean it makes evolutionary sense if we look at it. Most cocky guys (I can’t really speak for the females)are for a reason, it’s quite hard (though I’ve seen it done) for someone to be self righteous when they really have no reason to be. So if the male has the minerals to walk up to the guy hassling the girl and kick the shit out of him, he gets the girl. Not the other guy who suggests the hassling guy should leave because of the following logical entailments.

For us cerebral folk I feel that a self rightuousness forms partly from the point mentioned above, and partly from a frustration/boredom that comes with a specialization or point of focus. When I first came here I used to answer many beginner philosophy questions, but by now I usually just read whatever 1 liner Imp posted and then change subjects. It’s not that I don’t care… but I’ve become jaded in a way.

I think that arrogance, self righteousness, and the like is the combination of many things… but mostly boredom. Everyone makes lives and mistakes… but some people prefer to act like the shit while they’re doing it.

Few are the people who do not fall into this pattern.

It can definitely be a repellent to others. I hate being around people who are self-righteous. Yet, the fact remains: I, myself, am all too often guilty of the same deed.

I personally refuse to even give consideration to the idea of relativism. I personally feel that embracing relativism (instead of working hard towards truth) is a form of a “cop-out”. But that is just my humble views on that issue.

Me too. :slight_smile:

Interesting point, Gobbo! Perhaps you are correct. I, too, agree that it’s a hopeless-scene when I see a male without the effects of testosterone. It almost repelling, even…

However, could it be that we may be looking too deep into all of this? What if self-righteousness is merely a natural result of the desire of [the] “self-love” or “self-preservation” insticts that all humans seem to have? Maybe what you and I are talking about are actually the same thing.
Just my 2 cents anyways… :wink:

is it wrong?.. the stuck up rich, and the holyier then thou christians.

Why is it wrong?.. it seperates you from society.

Why is it practical?.. How do you define anything but by comparison. Just like when “fraud” said we compair all our mates to our mothers. It’s true, at least untill our first girl friend.

To make it realistic you should realize, we might all be in their shoes if we went through what they went through.

We shouldn’t condemn unless we understand why, and somehow give them this same understanding. Then they refuse to recognize, because they are just being stuborn.

It is a common and useful habit to deemphasize the negative and accentuate the positive.

An example from speculative fiction:

I’m not much of a comic book reader, but many of my friends read comic books and talk about them. One of the characters, the infamous Wolverine is well know for his mutant power to heal with preternatural speed. As a more subtle form of healing, Wolverine’s mind causes him to forget painful memories. (Which, because of all that he has suffered, is part of the reasons that he has so few memories from his long life.)

Another example:

In The Lucifer Principle the author talks about an experiment a psychologist did when she kept a detailed account of her emotions for a year in an effort to see how accuratly she could remember her life. When it came time to review that account she was surprised but not shocked by how many negative emotions about which she had completely forgotten. All of the minor disappointment of life she had wiped from her mind.

But I wouldn’t call that self-righteousness. Did I misunderstand the question?

In Philosophy at least, and probably the rest of life in general,
I think that one of the first things to learn is what you really know
and how much you only thought you know.

Philosophy should keep one humble, because humility is wisdom.

I think the problem lies in the fact that I’m rarely challenged. By this I mean that the people I’m with rarely challenge me and instead listen and accept.

If I were posed enough of the right questions I would inevitably be shown to know little or nothing of what I assume to be correct.

I think more importantly, we should find out what we can know.

Well, if it’s wrong, it’s wrong because no individual self actually exists to be righteous about, simply put.

But it’s damn well entertaining, to say the least!! :laughing: