Is the Darwinistic Selection Principle False?

The Darwinists may repeat their errors about the “selection principle” and the definition of “fitness” as often as they want to: they do not get more true by repeating them. “Survival determines who is fittest” is no definition that explains what “the fittest” means, what “fitness” means. “Survival as in perpetuation” is merely a formula of a prayer and has nothing to do with the question what “fitness” means in reality, because in order to know which living being is “the fittest”, thus “determined by by the survival as in perpetuation” (?), you have to wait until the “end of the perpetuation” which is impossible, an oxymoron.

It is impossible to save the Darinistic selection principle, because the fabricated exceptions of the rule, the “natural selection”, contradict that rule. At last the Darwinists have merely contradictional exceptions of the rule they contradict. And please: What is nature according to the Darwinists? It is another word for God. So the Darwinists are pantheists.

No wonder, because it was the time of naturalism when Darwin published his theory. Naturalism is based on a teleological definition of “nature”. To naturalists like Darwin and his Darwinists (especially: Spencer and Haeckel) nature is God and God is nature. So when the Darwinists say that the “nature selects” they mean “God selects”. The Darwinists are pantheists.

I am sorry, but this likeable theory is false.