Is the Darwinistic Selection Principle False?

Yes. It’s the language. It is itself a product of the unique development of the brain, both of which have hyped each other up. Body and mind/spirit, spirit/mind and body; later also: body against mind/spirit, spirit/mind against body.

It started with the upright walk and then with the development of the hands. The hands became more and more graceful. But the real process that made humans successful was the one after that: cerebralization.

There were three conditions for these developments:

  1. Exogenous (environmental changes with corresponding necessities for adaptation).
  2. Endogenous (further development of certain organs, atrophy of others).
  3. Autogenous ( as a distancing mode as production of self-created changes in conditions).
    For humans, the importance of these 3 conditions to each other has shifted more and more in favor of the autogenous factors (see: 3.). For this relationship system the meaning of the migration into the savannah (exogenous) or the meaning of the upright walk (endogenous) or the meaning of the hand for the culture construction (autogenous) is emphasized again and again. However, a decisive basis was the cerebralization, i.e. the size development of the brain, which was triggered in a network from all 3 directions. The brain of an early hominid in the animal-human transition had a volume of approx. 500cm^3 (example: Australopithecus) and grew up to approx. 600-800cm^3 (Homo rudolfensis and Homo habilis), approx. 750-1250cm^3 (Homo erectus), 1200-1800cm^3 (Neanderthal man), up to approx. 2000cm^3 (Neanderthal man and Now man).

The cerebralization enabled the superstructure of repressed instinctual programming through conditioning (trial and error) and cognition (imagination and thought).

These humans would never have been successful without this brain development, but would have disappeared from evolution after only a short time.

Everything that humans have created, their culture (including technology), goes back to their intelligence. That made them successful. Thus, the characteristic of human fitness is their is their intelligence.