Is the power of God truly infinite?

Six days to create the Earth and one day to rest?

Wouldn’t a being of infinite power be able to create whatever he/she/it desired in only the amount of time needed to desire it?

And so on… … p?t=141331

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Here are some more.

The Great Flood. Why must it rain for 40 days and 40 nights? Couldn’t an infinite being just wish an extra 20,000 feet or so of water to cover the surface of the planet?

Ditto the Tree of Knowledge and Original Sin.

The Trinity.

The need for a blood sacrifice to excuse us our sins?

And so on.

God does not seem to be infinite, in that he is confined by the laws of the universe (or the minds of his followers). Finite God is no God at all.

here are my theories:

I don’t fully understand the significance of the number forty it appears alot in the bible.

The tree of knowledge and original sin are modified myths, the original myth the snake stole immortality from man by tricking man into biting into the “tree of good and evil” instead of the “tree of immortality”.

The trinity is a pagan ideal taken from hinduism

blood atonement is a modified practice of sacrifice. Just be glad the sin sacrifice didn’t take humans like those cultures… well at least not until christ was sacrificed.

the whole rest and goddess thing, is all anthropomorphication of god, and reflects the leadership of said society more than god itself.