Is the United States a Democracy or a Republic?

This is not an argument, although it could become. The floor is open. This is merely me, the artist formely known as Duder, inquiring the superior minds in ILP to clarify this idea for me. I hear on the news from the president himself say, if not directly stated then insignuated, that the US is a democracy. But then when I try to look it up online I come across this:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Is the US a democracy or a republic?

… and no.
technically, it is a democratic republic.
what that means, in a nutshell, is that we democratically elect representatives. who then make many of the day to day decisions for us.
the difference from a straight democracy is that full democracies would have to have a full general election for every little decision. quite cumbersome in a large gov’t. heck, it might slow some things down in washington, might be a good thing.
the difference from a straight republic is that we still do have elections for many decisions, such as amendments, referendums, judges, and other politicians, just not EVERY thing or EVERY one.


Duder I haven’t forgotten about this links either… I’ve just been swamped.

Well… at least it used to be a democratic republic. I’m not sure what it is now.

It’s kind of like Germany in WWII if Hitler had the power to start the holocause and just never did. Is there a word for a government with the power to be oppressive, just not the actual actions of oppressiveness (yet)?

it is a representative republic where the representatives are democratically elected. it is not, nor ever has been, a democracy.

and any comparisons to nazi germany are not even close to being historically accurate


power doesn’t change the type of gov’t a nation is or isn’t. a full democracy can still be powerful and oppressive. there are many historical nations which were democracies and still sought after domination over another group.

according to the CIA, the U.S. is a constitution-based federal republic; strong democratic tradition.

yet the U.S. DOES fit the definition of a representative democracy 100%.

What about when electing the President?

America is neither. America is an ideal, once whispered, now long forgotten, and inexorably crushed beneath bureaucratic quagmires of personal agenda and avarice …

What we are left with is Amerika: land of the loser, home of the whore.

Now go be a good sheep and stop asking questions and sell your last remaining bit of virtue and character to the corporate whoremaster for a paltry pittance.

Is there a name for that?

To which “that” are you referring?

Difficult to name the ambiguous and obscure.

Home of the good sheep who stop asking questions and sell their last remaining bit of virtue and character to the corporate whoremaster for a paltry pittance.

Is there a name for this?

labor unions


same situation. representative democracy.
we elect electoral college representatives who then in turn cast their votes for the president.
contrary to popular belief, the president is NOT elected via popular vote. as so many in the U.S. were reminded in the 2000 elections.


It’s called Americapitalistica.

america the shithole

Whatever the United States of America is… one thing is sure… it’s the only country sick enough to pump out horror movies that deserve to be packed in a garbage can… not to mention, horror movies of excessive paranormal violence that present a fantasy that could never happen in reality… no wonder the rest of the world hates us… we’re sick in the head.

And in 2000 the least popular candidate won, how is this representative?

I laughed

if the popular canditate won, it would have been a step towards the democracy side, where the people decide, no restrictions.
instead, we directly voted for the representatives that voted for the president (the electoral college). these were divided by states. hence the importance these canditates put onto “winning a state.” we didn’t directly elect the president, that is how it is representative.

Not in the actual election, you are discussing the party’s nominees to be candidates. This previously did occur, but not anymore. If a state majority swings to a certain candidate, then the electoral college votes alloted to said state go to said candidate. The populous California with 55 votes has a large number of Republicans whose votes could tip the scales in an election. but since the majority voted Democratic, the Republican votes are not counted.

Scroll down to page 10 for what the information. This is the founders brainchild and will never be eliminated in the USA, a fact I disagree with. JFK lost the popular vote, but won the Electoral college vote. This has often happened.

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