Is the way to a person's soul through their mind?

I think that sometimes it maybe is. That is all.

If a person lost their soul or was born soulless what would the mind lead to? If I person lost their mind, how would you get to their soul?

No person is soul-less. And mindless means you’re unconscious and not dreaming. The saying ‘he’s lost his mind’ is retarded.

I sold my soul to the devil. He required a down payment, so I’m 10% soul-less.

If you sold your soul to the Devil, you’ve still got a soul- it’s just evil.

Now how does selling your soul to the devil make you evil? The devil is supposed to be evil not the souls it controls.

Wrong. If you sell your soul to the Devil, it then works for him.

So? That still does not make the soul evil… If a master is evil does this make the slave evil? No.

Does a janitor that works in a labaratory know what the scientists know? No.

the presumption of evil is just fear propaganda in order to keep souls from doing such a thing. You won’t get pregnant if you use someone elses toothbrush.

Why do you assume it’s a presumption?