Is there a saying for this?

Ok, I’m not asking you to comment on the merits of this case. I’m not asking you to take sides. I’m not asking you if I’m justified in how I feel. I am merely asking you if there is a proverb to describe the kind of situation that I’m in.

So, my girlfriend tends to make rash decisions.

For example, she can’t log into her email account, so she automatically assumes that I’ve hacked it.

We have an argument - as all couples do - and I ask her if she’s going to leave me, because of this argument. She takes that to mean that I have another girlfriend. Yeah, believe it or not, she makes that kind of logical leap.

Those are just two examples.

She calms down in about a few minutes, and she’s always sorry, afterward, but it’s the most stressful few minutes I tend to have, and the fact that this happens so often, is just irritating to no end.

She always promises to do better, and stop doing these rash actions. She also makes other kinds of promises to stop doing things that you’re not supposed to do to your boyfriend (e.g. hang up on me on the phone), and she always does them because she truly loves me, and wants to have me.

But, despite all her promises to stop doing these things, she’ll always do them again. She’ll get mad at me, because I don’t send her enough text messages (even though I had no way of knowing that she wanted more text messages; I’d have been happy to do it, if she just told me, instead of getting mad at me because I didn’t read her mind), and she’ll break these promises again. She forgets, in her anger, that she ever even made these promises, to begin with!

So, I insist that she talk to a therapist, and learn how to remember her promises, even when she’s mad. She agrees to do that, and I let her be, for a few months.

So, I give her some space. I’m not breathing down her neck, asking for status updates every single day. Earlier today was the first day that I asked her about it, and you wouldn’t believe the thing that she had, in place of actually talking to a therapist!

She was going to make it her New Year’s Resolution to always remember her promises!

So… all it boils down to is another promise? She’s going to promise to remember her promises, even when she’s mad, is that it? What if she forgets THAT promise?!

So, here’s the situation that I need a proverb for: A promise to remember your promises is worthless if you forget that you made the promise to remember your promises.

Is there a proverb, or any kind of cliche saying, that can describe a situation like that?

there’s an acronym for it. GTFO

Easily promised, quickly forgotten.

Easy to promise, hard to fulfill.

He that promises too much means nothing.

Promising and performing are two things.

Promising is one thing, performing another.

Promises and pie crusts are made to be broken.

Dump her.

I have a rule that I don’t date girls who take prescription medications anymore for these kinds of reasons.

Sounds bi-polar to me :confusion-shrug: gets easily heated, and just as quickly calms down…