Is this a good idea?

Tonight a gay activist outed a conservative U.S.
senator as being gay. This senator has consistently
voted conservative over the last several year which
includes voted against gay rights and gay marriage
and he voted for an amendment making marriage
only between a man and a women in other words
he is a typical conservative hypocrite. So should
he have been outed?

By the way, the senator named
was Larry Craig of Idaho.


I thought you meant you thought the GOP was gonna have him whacked. Or do you still think they will.

he’ll join the log cabin… BFD.

keep trying to stir up hatred for republicans…

empty suit…


Everyone’s hypocritical in politics.


You have just been outed as being gay, Peter.

Actually Peter, if he is voting the way his constituents want him to vote, it hardly makes him hypocritical, it makes him a good employee. He is paid to do what the folks want him to do, to vote like they would. His personal life is of no concern. If he voted against their wishes then he would be in the wrong. this is just mud slinging and a brazen attempt to discredit someone to the sheeple of the country.

You have just been outed as being gay, Peter.

K: WOW, won’t that come as a surprise to my wife of over
10 years. Alas, it’s not true. If it were true, when i was single,
I would have had a far better chance of having a date on Friday
night. But no, it was simply women turning me down.
To be rejected by men too, that would have been just too much
rejection for my delicate soul.


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