Is WW3 imminent?

If you have plenty of money and you live in a nuclear armed state I’d advise you to leave your country and go and live in a non-nuclear armed state this year. Because I think there will be global nuclear war in 2013.

The US public debt is currently over 15.5 trillion and growing rapidly. Under Barack Obama, a Democrat President, taxes are at their lowest for 60 years. Obama’s first action was to cut taxes. He extended Bush’s tax cuts. Under Obama extreme poverty in America has increased. And still the Republicans attack Obama for being a ‘socialist’ and promise to cut taxes further. Obama has lost his appeal to the voters. His attempts to appeal to the right have failed, and in the process of trying to appeal to them he has lost the support of the left. He’s left himself in the middle, hated by everyone. Everyone’s fed up of his dramatic speeches and his booming voice, because they know there’s no substance behind it.

This means the next President will be a Republican. Romney, or even worse, Santorum. In the worst possible scenario Santorum will sweep to power. The first thing he will do is make massive tax cuts and spending cuts. He will deregulate business and make it even easier for the richest 1% to avoid paying taxes. The US will quickly default on its debt. US creditors, particularly China, will display anger towards Santorum’s irresponsibility and cease to provide any more credit.

With taxes cut, and credit dried up, the US government will simply not have the money to pay for the cost of containing its vast prison population, policing its crime ridden streets, paying for its huge army and educating its children. High level employees will have their wages protected. Frontline services will be the first to go. Prisoners will riot and break out. Crime will spiral out of control. Panic buying of products will ensue, particularly food and guns. In the chaos business transactions will be placed on hold. With people willing to pay huge amounts of money for basic products and services and weapons, prices will go up. Now, even the frontline workers who are being paid will find their meagre wages becoming increasingly useless as inflation skyrockets. Even CIA, FBI and senior staff of law enforcement and security services will find themselves in financial ruin. As the government loses control of the streets and inflation destroys the economy, the pampered billionaires who wouldn’t pay their taxes (or who the government wouldn’t tax even when they themselves we’re asking to be taxed) will find their fortunes are meaningless and their mansions are at risk of invasion.

The US will descend into a violent tribal warzone. A failed state. Santorum will be humiliated by his spectacular failure. The gangs killing each other across America will embarrass him. His only chance to reassert his Presidency will be to declare war on China who have been criticising him. He will blame all America’s problems on Communist China and launch nuclear weapons against them while he still retains control of the core of the military. Russia will object to this so he will attack Russia as well. Russia and China will respond by launching their nuclear weapons at the US and at its allies the UK, France and Israel. Santorum will be safe in the nuclear bunker under the Whitehouse, comforting himself that he is the US President in World War 3. While America’s population will be devasted by the nuclear attacks and fallout.

‘Santorum’ has come to mean a mixture of lubricant and fecal matter. Its true meaning could be much more terrible than that. Santorum could mean WW3. Maybe Romney will win, it’ll still happen, just slower. I think even if Obama holds on it will happen. It’s just a matter of time. The only way the economic collapse can be avoided is if the US government brings in massive tax rises and closes the loopholes to pay of its debt. And that just isn’t possible within American culture. After the collapse social breakdown is inevitable with crime, extreme poverty, the prison and gang population all so high. And all this in the context of the world’s most deadly nuclear arsenal.

Am I wrong?

Can people be banned for being moronic?

I guess not or you’d be long gone.

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Eh… but that doesn’t really pertain to philosophy, but it might weed out some people some of the time.

Bah drunken rants are fun. Well reading them, writing them isn’t.

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You do need to work on that OP though it’s a bit, well all over the place.

Not just plain recognition of numbers and letters in strange orientations and fonts but philosophical puzzles dealing with history and major ideas. Multiple choices provided. People might actually learn something from it.
True or False : Xenophanes ridiculed the anthropomorphism of the Greek religion by claiming that cattle would claim that the gods looked like cattle, horses like horses, and lions like lions, just as the Ethiopians claimed that the gods were snubnosed and black and the Thracians claimed they were pale and red-haired.

I don’t think it’s all over the place at all. I think I pretty neatly summarise the political, economic, psychological and sociological processes leading to global nuclear war.

I think your fantasising, and going from one assumption to another and in diverse unrelated ways that don’t give a clear process of reasoning, but we shall see. If WWIII breaks out I owe you a pint. :slight_smile:

You can bet your sweet ass that world war 3 is imminent.

Human beings self destructing themselves within civilization since 3500 BC.

It just keeps on getting even better.

Don’t mind the skeptics here Equal. They are too brain dead breathing in hopium for their own demise.

Hopium: Warning! May cause a person to foolishly or naively believe in inherent human “goodness” and utopic visions of grandeur. May cause its user the inability to see reality seperate from fictional fantasy.

Humanity surely is a universal comedy to laugh at.

I do actually believe in inherent human goodness and I think near utopia is possible through the formation of the Sexocracy. However, I think humanity is currently a long way away from being in touch with its inherent goodness and this is reflected in its inexorable progress towards cataclysm. Humanity will always destroy itself as long as it strays away from the truth and right now it is marching defiantly in the wrong direction.


You have drunk from the koolaid punch bowl just like everybody else.

E2u, you paint such a rosey, optimistic picture of our future. It makes me happy to be alive now that 12/21/12 has come and gone and that we now have an apocalypse sometime in 2013 to look forward to.

Seriousness aside. I really believe the world is too financially intertwined to go to war, no matter who’s elected president; however, we might be faced with another civil war if Mr. Santorum, by any stretch of the imagination, were to be elected.

It it were self destructive we wouldnt still be groing.

It is called a oncoming global economical fallout that will create a future world war. You obviously have not been paying attention.

Iran is the trigger.

If WW3 happens, you will not hear about or even know about it.

Might be happening right now…

I knew a guy in 2008 who was spouting the same stuff your are joker cept the trigger was India and Pakistan, same ideas of domestic civil unrest etc.

Didn’t happen…

Might still happen, probably not the way you see it though.

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The money has already been spent. The Nuclear missiles are all set up and ready to go.