Is WW3 imminent?

Iran doesn’t even have a single nuclear weapon yet. It doesn’t have intercontinental ballistic capability either. It could be years before it develops a nuclear weapon. It’s the countries which already have huge arsenals of intercontinental ballistic nuclear weapons that are the threat.

It does not matter if they have one or not. The United States and Israel have decided that they want their war.

Profound insight there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Israel is pushing the US because Obama’s up for re-election soon. Iran’s pushing its luck because the US can’t do anything without igniting Shia/Sunni sectarian violence in Iraq, where it’s got its hands already full. The US is barking for the voters, but won’t bite.

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equal2u: Don’t worry, I’m sure Hawk will bloop those political sodomites as required. In fact, from the throne of the Lord which I am invited to share at my own discretion I command the nuclear war be blooped. Thy will be done.


You understood that, sounded like gibberish to me, what is blooping anyway?

I don’t think the US can afford another war at this time, and neither can Israel. Economic necessity and a lack of evidence of wrong doing prohibit likelihood of war currently. Maybe in the future, but unless there’s a smoking gun this time, people wont get fooled again by vacuous assertions of ICBM nuclear capability, or half assed terrorist nonsense. On a side note: personally I think the next 20 years will see terrorism increasingly fought on technological playing fields, where the winner is the more discrete and adept mover.

Incidentally for some odd reason they have now developed a way of pin pointing underground nuclear testing, which was impossible before except in more obvious cases, such as North Korea’s blatant disregard for treaty, by analysing the air for tell tale signs rather than relying on imprecise seismic sensors, which are not fine tuned enough to detect certain explosions as discrete from more ordinary seismic shifts. Again technological battlefield.

I tend to agree with JW. Iran is the trigger. My predictions are that Russia and China will side with Iran because of vested interests.

The global market is on the verge of collapse, Calrid. It is global instability and desperation which will make world war III possible.

They have too much to lose if they do not create another war.

That is exactly what will happen. Do not forget about Syria either.

What is more funny is that this is a perfect catch 22 because invading Iran will only rise oil prices to $200.00 or more for a typical barrel which will economically cripple the United States even more.

The only way this invasion will be successful is if the global elites have something up their sleeves that the rest of us do not know about.

Who’s they? Who is the Global Elite?

I’ll believe it when I see it. And when I do I will buy you a pint also. :slight_smile:

In the west they are called the Bildebergers, Rothschilds, and Rockefellers.

If you wish to watch shtf on a daily basis go to:

I found Equal’s arguments concise, and they reflect exactly what I’ve been thinking for the last year.

The world is cruisin’ for a bruisin’, and, unfortunately, I think that the current generation manning the world is either too stupid or too incompetent to see what’s coming or how to prevent it. The generation that came two generations before mine grew up in an era knew that nuclear war was a huge possibility, and to do anything (ANYTHING) in their power to avoid it. My current generation (and the one before me, FUGGIN’ GENERATION X!) are like semi-retarded infants playing with a hand grenade. If I were all of you, I would take this stuff seriously. As I grew up, I got really bad feelings whenever something bad was about to happen, (i.e. being sucked into whirlpools, watching my sister die, etc.), and they have never, ever failed me.

And my “spidey-sense” has been tingling like crazy for the last three years…on a global scale.

I’m prepping up, though I don’t have the resources or connections to leave the U.S. I’ll do the best I can, and hopefully a person will step up to fix the inevitable catastrophe after it happens. If not, I’ll see to matters myself.

Get ready to pop some irradiation pills. It’s gonna be one helluva (and possibly humanity’s last) ride.

WW3 has the potential to be a very good thing for humanity and the world.

As long as people who think like you get wiped out en masse, I agree…

LOL. Well, considering few people think the same, ther would not be mass wipeout.
I take it you are not familiar with animal husbandry, farming or ecological rebirth?

I am familiar with all of them. I look forward to the way you tenuously connect this with your bloodthirsty clamour for war as a ‘very good thing’…

Its not bloodthirsty at all. Culling the human species can be very healthy for humanity. We are our own natural enemy/predator. The vast majority of creatures have natural enemies that cull the species to healthy levels. Remove the natural enemy and the
species ruins the ecosystem, eventually disease and poor unhealthy genetics will
cause the species to decay.
Humanity has not been culled. Take a good look at what we are doing to ourselves and this world. If we don’t remove the problem of over population with war or real birth control programs, this world will be unfit for any life. A major war will remove major population centers. Survivivors will hopefully learn and adjust behavior for the better. If not well maybe it might buy more time for us and the world at the very least. Death is not a bad thing. It is needed. Extinction is the thing to fear. Extinction of all life is horrifying.