Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question"

I read this short story the other day, and when I finished it I had a good laugh. This is a really good short story, that in the end brings about a “cosmic joke”.

Liked that one - So the ultimate meaning of life for intelligent beings is to become the God they invented to explain their existance in the first place - and it’s cyclic if you believe that anything not impossible is inevitable within a large enough array…! :smiley: Mind you, that still bugs me, even if it’s cyclic there must have been a first time, no…?

Yeah we created god, and yes must have been a first time, but I don’t see why you couldn’t take the story as it is as being the first time, in fact it represents itself as being the first cycle. Anyways glad you enjoyed the story, it certainly made me laugh. :laughing:

I want a Multivac

i’ve heard they have some bugs… they fail to answer some questions on entropy and they are extremely slow in collecting data for complex questions.

on the other hand, i fail to see why is there a cycle. Since AC solved the problem of reversing entropy, then there would be no other dying-off of the universe…

Yes you are right it wouldn’t be cyclical.

unless AC would have to destroy itself to make it happen… :wink:

gotta love isaac asimov…

yes, but he could leave some clues or something so that it would not happen again. or maybe he could create a universe that would not have this problem.

clues? clues? [size=150]clue?![/size]

how could i not see it??! the fluctuations in back-ground radiations are a CODE from the last AC!!

heh… that’d be cool wouldn’t it? :slight_smile: