The chance of this actually happening, in my opinion, is relatively small, but I think this lady makes some interesting observations. … ideo_title

In a complete social breakdown such as this lady implies, preparedness sounds good, but the more prepared you are, the bigger target you become for those who haven’t prepared. The survivors in such a scenario will be more a matter of dumbass luck than all the preparedness in the world.

I’m ready, but no one knows…it’s called op-sec.

People in the cities would die first. Martial Law would become imposed rather quick once deaths hit above 100 or 1000. Rural communities are stronger and have better forms of trust. Refugee camps would become necessary for millions of city folks. Rural towns and villages would have much better survival rates for citizens and populations.

what i heard was, do this to prepare:

  1. Lose weight/get in shape
  2. Buy a gun
  3. Hide your drugs
  4. Fuck the environment
  5. Learn to fight
  6. Get over your ego

i’ve still gotta do #2, 5, and 6


You mean some poor tree…

sorry I cant watch a 9 minute video

the splinters go away eventually