It is done, the Republican Party now fully fascist … nsure.html

Jan 6 was a mostly peaceful protest with some hooliganism.
The vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of protestors were peaceful.
Only one person was murdered on that day, Ashli Babbitt.
Citizens have the right to legally and politically challenge the outcome of an election.
That the heads of the democratic party and neocons like Liz Cheney say they don’t, is yet another example of their authoritarianism, along with the Antifa/BLM insurrection.

Did dems not spend 4 years attempting to undermine the legitimacy of the election of DJT, moron?
Did they not say, with little-no evidence, that DJT and his allies colluded and conspired with Russia to swindle it?

K: I love it when people rewrite history… well according to you, the south
won the Civil War, the Holocaust… a jew fell down and skinned their knee,
big fuckin deal, Germany won the second world war, JFK just died from old age,
MLK fell down and pretended to be dead… so the fuck what…
The Roman Empire never fell… its a liberal plot to make you think it fell,
we are really speaking Latin… not English or French or Russian…
Don’t believe those libtards who think that the Roman Empire fell…
its a commie plot to take over the world…

anyway, back to the coup attempt on Jan 6, 2021… over 140 police officers
were hurt, many quite seriously, but that is because they all spontaneously
fell down and hurt themselves… actually not a single person was around when
all 140 policemen fell down and hurt themselves… and anything else is a liberal
plot…I saw this on bitchute…and the damages worth a couple of millions of dollars…
fake… never happened… and all those TV camaras showing all the violence
on the policemen… fake news… never happened… don’t believe your eyes…
and the hundreds of people who have been convicted of crimes involving
that coup attempt… every single one of them a victim of Antifa…
because we all know Antifa carries around Trump signs…and those
Antifa people all work for the federal government…as DA’s and judges and U.S senators…
blame them for the injustice done to those who were so innocently singing “Kumbaya
my lord” on the steps of the capital when they were arrested…
oh, oh the humanity of arresting people who actually attacked and hurt hundreds
of policemen…oh, the shame…


Like I said, there was some hooliganism, not a coup.

ok i think we’re just talking about the ones that smashed up the capital and smeared their shit on the walls and live streamed it all. and the ones that erected the gallows outside. just those ones. no one is talking about the soccer moms 2 blocks away earlier in the day who were holding up signs or something.

ashli babbitt killed herself. you saw the video, and im sure you saw the video she made when she was on the way there. the lady was out of her mind. she was at the front of a group who was storming the building. she was crawling through a broken window. the whole thing is on video man im not sure if you understand the definition of murder.

like you really cant expect a post like that to be taken seriously.

Everybody saw the video; she was murdered in cold-blood.

That you call it “suicide” shows you skewed your brain really is. Did she pull the trigger?

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Even Mike Pence has distanced himself from Trump’s insanity and apologied for his part in it.

As well as the deaths.
There were 138 officers (73 Capitol Police and 65 Metropolitan Police) injured, of whom 15 were hospitalized, some with severe injuries.

Many officers have had long term mental consequences.

"Legitimate Political Discourse!??

K: its “legitimate political discourse” when white people do it,
when blacks or minorities do it, it is rioting, a menace to society,
an attempt to overthrow America, commies destroying America…

just another attempt to rewrite history…


Politicians need to be reminded that the people can kill them all from time to time, it helps deter corruption, but none of these things make a coup, there was no attempt to takeover the government, that’s laughable.
Of the tens or hundreds of thousands of protestors, how many were charged with a crime?
A tiny % of them.
The vast, overwhelming majority of protestors were nonviolent.
I saw the footage from inside and outside the capitol building, most people were just wandering around aimlessly inside the capitol building after being let in by security, and yet many of these people were arrested and held for months without charge or with petty charges, a violation of their constitutional rights.

By your logic, all the Antifa/BLM rioters who stormed buildings while people were inside them should’ve been shot dead.
The burden of proof is 100% on the officer who killed her.
He has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that had he not fired his gun on her she and the small group of people she was with were about to kill or maim people and could not have been subdued by nonlethal means.
Since he is unable to do that, that makes him a murderer and the regime protecting him from prosecution his accomplices.

just read what you said again and go through and edit it to make it closer to reality. shoulds and oughts and those kinds of words have precise meanings, and there are some rules of inference that you’ve gotta follow if you want to be serious.

what would you have had the cops do? when she was crawling through a broken window as part of a mob moving toward the secure location of the congressmembers?

bro he doesn’t have to prove that beyond a reasonble doubt. she was shot while comitting a crime. it’s on video. and you saying
“small group of people”. come down to earth. go and look at the video.

  1. They could’ve tried talking some sense into her.
  2. They could’ve tried to detain her.
  3. They could’ve held their guns out, told her to get down on the ground or they’ll shoot, and only fired on her if she approached the officers.

American police are far too trigger happy… her shooting was unnecessary.


Also, the western ruling class has an anti-white populist bias.
Had Ashli Babbitt been a nonwhite Antifa or BLM, the officer who shot her may’ve been prosecuted, he would’ve at least been demonized/vilified in the MSM and on social media, probably fired, doxed and forced to relocate for fear of being lynched.

Congress is the People’s house, the most Public forum in the United States.

Ashli Babbitt and all those protesting Widespread Voter Fraud that Changed the Outcome of the Election have every Right to be there.

It is not Private Property. The people cannot Trespass onto Congress. That’s a contradiction of what the US Government is.

Cold-blooded murder of innocent Americans, like the OP advocates for, is the real Fascism.