It’s coming home..

Whether we win or we lose, we made it to the final.


Its coming home… but what does it actually mean…?


Awoke at 6.50pm… yes I know, that’s very very late, caused by yesterday’s unnecessary online dramas… fed the ‘crying’ cat, before rushing out the door to buy my usual Organic wine to accompany the footie, and managed to do so with only seconds to go before the shop shut.

Advice from the viewing box: Don’t give the ball away… Have fun… Don’t forget to make sure you win.

The pre-start match proceedings is being accompanied by the sound of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline… a favourite of my mother’s…

Such pomp and ceremony… Prince William is in the box stand… the energy is incredible… the build up, electric.

The National Anthems have started… Italy was booed… next up England’s.

We’ve waited 55 years for this moment, for football to come home.

Good luck fellas, and remember… don’t give the ball away.

Come on! =D>

Half time…

it has been a pretty good game… far better then yesterday
Brazil vs Argentina game…in that game there were at least 5
yellow cards… so far, none in this one…


Sorry about the drama. I have read my name in a couple of your posts over at KT. Let me assure you of two things A) I have no active account at KT and B) I haven’t a sock-puppet anywhere.

Go England!

Or, to paraphrase Lennon, “keep them doped with religion and sports and TV”…

He said in jest.

Go whoever wins!

and the party tonight is in … Italy… darn…


I have removed myself from that… and any further, situations, there.

Don’t even get me started on the penalty situation. #-o football didn’t come home, but went to Rome… ouch!

Fires in the US / floods in the UK… if the UK was a fire engine, we could put out your fires. May your heavens open and douse-out your fires with its waters.

No! that would be sex drugs/meds and rock-&-roll… she said in earnest honesty.

May they enjoy this moment of glory Keter, may they just. =;

I am happy for my UK Italian peers and friends, in their home-country’s win.

I guess this is what One would call ‘voting with your feet’ …how very apt for footballers. lol

As I understand it, they refused to meet ‘The Johnson’ because he would not condemn those who booed the players for taking a knee. The Home Secretary behaved in a similar fashion.

PS: This looks like an advertisement for Pickford’s removal? #-o

K: from my standpoint, I find it interesting that a “sport” problem has turned into
a political problem… and did it need to become a political problem?
if they refuse to meet the PM, why is that a political problem?
Frankly from everything I have seen, Boris has far bigger problems then
just a football team meeting him…
perhaps he should focus on those immense problems instead of
what a football team does or doesn’t do?